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  1. Helike - Archers Other than the fact that I had to furlough 2/3 of my staff because very few people are traveling and my hotel feels like The Stanley in midwinter, my life has not changed a bit. You caught me. I'm a hermit.
  2. @Jeannaisais I feel like I'm hiding in my office. Every time I come out, I am wiping something down. There's a HUGE bottle of hand sanitizer on the desk for guests, one in the back office for staff (there's only 5 of us as I had to furlough all my shuttle drivers, breakfast hosts and all but one housekeeper) and a full spray bottle of quaternary sanitizer that all of us seem to be using excessively. My hands are so dry, skin is peeling off in chunks. And suddenly, it feels like every single bloody guest wants to pay with cash. I DON'T WANT TO TOUCH YOUR DIRTY MONEY, PEOPLE!!! This is what I get for working in an airport hotel. On the plus side, I am still working. It's ridiculously slow and besides sanitizing, I have very little to do besides continue my WoT re-read which I haven't done for several years.
  3. All you need is a spray bottle full of alcohol. It might not burn but it will catch fire!
  4. I've considered sterilization of the work environment, too. Arrival thoughts run something like... 1st thought: "Well, they didn't let it burn down while I was at home. Good job!" 2nd thought: "Seriously? Surely there's at least ONE super moron in the building? It's got to happen eventually."
  5. Internal sterilization by fire is kinda where my train of thought was when I got here but the broken door is perfect firewood.
  6. I mean... I've claimed it as a self quarantine zone but as long as you leave a table between us I think we're fine. We could set up a game of Snakes and Foxes on the table between us... I have Lysol.
  7. SIR! An absolute pleasure to see you! No worries about the door. I'm sure it was dying to be replaced anyway. Hasn't seen a decent bar fight in awhile... Might I offer you a flaming shot? *Tosses Mr. Ed an apple from her bag*
  8. @Wildfire Sedai This is Dragonmount! We are family here!
  9. @Taymist 😯😢 No. That is... super sad. Just so we're all clear. I'm never leaving again. I hate late family updates so I will not be disappearing on my DM fam ever again.
  10. Oooh YAY, drinks from Tay! Thank you, thank you from each appendage! It WOULD be cool if Cuma turned up! And Blade and Lazy and Footy... *stifles a nostalgic tear and raises her double fists of drinks* To the age of legends!
  11. We did a wild west themed prank once. A small gang of us chose famous wild west icons, created profiles and then rampaged through the entire camp breaking the laws. Red arms couldn't spot fine us unless they knew who we were! That was fun! There may have been some word filter hacking on a few occasions.... hmmm.
  12. @Lavandula Sounds about right to me. Except the spamming. All regiments are guilty of that! Or have been in the past.
  13. @Wildfire Sedai Ummm... that was their advice? Find a church? AND they screwed up your meds? Those doctors suck! I'm with Lava! Call me, pm me, throw a tantrum in the middle of a thread... I'll be there!
  14. Other than the state of my bank account, it's been a good week! How about you?
  15. Currently no. BUT that's highly unusual for this time of year.
  16. https://www.facebook.com/groups/407484983347169/permalink/647499172679081/ Come help me recruit and join their page as well!
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