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  1. hello fellow canuks! I'm also in B.C. although I seem to be a little farther north. I'm in Prince George.
  2. I am a janitor, chef, baker, nurse, tutor, authority figure, person of comfort, counsellor, child care provider, the amazing fixit lady,.... BEHOLD! THE ALL POWERFUL SUPERMOM!!! :D Okay,okay, housewife just didn't cut it. I have two great kids and a wonderful husband. My days are generally filled with toddler chasing, cooking, cleaning, directing the completion of homework and trying to sneak in a snuggle with the hubby.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome! Thanks for the info on some things to check out here. I hope to make my way around and get to know a few of you and hopefully make some friends on the way. As for "the scoop with Scoop" It's a play on my initials. My last name is Cooper and my first name starts with an S so I just stuck it together like that. Thought it was kinda cute. A little more about who I am. I am an almost 30, wife and mother of 2 ( boy,10 and girl,2). I'm a homemaker and enjoy being creative, whether it be drawing or crochet or any other craft I happen to get my hands on. I live
  4. I started reading these incredible books just over a year ago. I'm presently in book nine. I hadn't really read much fanasy before and decided to try. The Eye of the World was the book I chose to see if fantasy novels are "my thing". Well, I am thouroughly hooked! The charachters are like real people to me. I have really enjoyed reading how these characters grow and progress through this great web of storytelling. I found this site a little while ago when I was looking for WoT art work. I am looking forward to getting involed here and sharing with others who appreciate the amazing wo
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