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  1. I am having a very similar experience. It's so strange to read the first book after finishing the series. I have such a different perspective and the younglings seem so naive. Although Moraine doesn't seem to handle her connection to the Emond's Fielders very well, she keeps them in the dark so much that they make stupid mistakes because they don't know any better. Such as leading them into Shadar Logoth without warning them of the danger at ALL. Also, did anyone else LOL so hard when Perrin and Egwene tell Elyas they are from Saldaea? The first time through that doesn't really have any meaning but knowing now about the people and customs from Saldaea...in addition to Faile! It's so funny. Elyas would obviously know they are not from there.
  2. That would be cool. I also think it would be especially cool for someone to go back and write the first book (or more) from other persepctives. Esepcially Moraine, Lan, Egwene, and Thom.
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