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  1. I am very well aware of Jordan's strengths, thank you - there is no need for a passive-aggressive tone. TV and literature are different mediums. You simply cannot expect the TV show to include all of the tiny worldbuilding details, minor characters, etc that flesh out the world of the books. It doesn't work with the constraints of the format. The Green Man is an extremely minor character whose race is completely irrelevant to the rest of the series with the exception of a few Age of Legends flashbacks. Casting him and creating all that CGI is an awful lot of work for a one-off job, and is liable to confuse casual show viewers when this being is never really brought back or expounded upon in any way. The AoL flashback you reference works pretty much just as well without the Green Man. The core of the AoL flashbacks are Lews Therin and the Forsaken, plus the Aiel. The presence of the Nym is some interesting extra flavor, but it's by no means required to convey the core messages needed.
  2. I kind of expect Egwene to end the show without a love interest. Her relationship towards the end is more a drag on her arc of sacrifice for the Tower than it is anything else, in terms of diluting her love for the Tower and what the Aes Sedai stand for as the motivation behind most/all of her actions. Most of the others are tougher. Faile is the only one I could even remotely see being dropped, but she's much more important to Perrin's development than Gawyn is to Egwene's, so I expect she'll stay.
  3. I should clarify, I'm here for Mat and Tuon shenanigans. They have some fun storylines. I just don't want Mat and Tuon to end up married unless Tuon on the show develops far further than she does in the book.
  4. I kinda think he gets cut, because introducing this random magical race which never shows up again will confuse the heck outta more casual show-only viewers. I don't think he really adds anything to the TV show, & can thus safely be cut.
  5. Elayne pregnancy plotline. Does nothing but hinder her in the climactic section of the story. Mat/Tuon marriage. I would be fine with her being a love interest as of the end of the story, but the idea that Mat ends up essentially shackled to someone who's a staunch advocate for and propagator of slavery? Ugh. If they do keep the marriage, the series simply must really emphasize that she needs to meet him way over on his side of the middle. Gawyn. He is not even remotely needed for the TV series and will only drag Egwene down.
  6. The Boys is one of Amazon's biggest shows right now and seems likely to run for at least 5 seasons (if they want to) as a result. I'd be over the moon if WoT did as well as The Boys.
  7. The issue with focusing on books 1-4 and the Last Battle to the exclusion of the others is that it seriously under-serves Mat and Egwene. They could do it - but I don't think that they should. Both Mat's memories/the Band and Egwene as the Amyrlin are the keystones for those characters' stories and will need a good deal of screentime.
  8. This is a tricky one. While Books 1-4 are really stellar in terms of material for Rand and Perrin, several hugely important plotlines for other characters fall after this time period but before Tarmon Gai'don (for example, Mat's memories and the Band, Egwene and the Tower, Aviendha channeling, Elayne retaking the throne, etc). Some of these could be compressed into a season or two pretty easily, but with others it'd be much more difficult, and I'm not sure you could do them justice if squeezed into like 2 seasons between books 1-4 and books 12-14. Mat in particular would be really hurt by this, I think. One answer here is to extensively rejigger plotlines, and they may do just that; but assuming a run of 8 season, Season 4 finishing at Book 6 at least sounds about right. This is a bit unrealistic in the context of how the medium works, I'd say. While we see a huge portion of tEotW through Rand's eyes, that simply isn't how things work in the context of a TV show, and lots and lots of stuff will be happening onscreen when Rand's not around. I imagine all the original Two Rivers crew will have fairly equal screentime out the gate, especially since they cannot obviously favor Rand if they want to keep some mystery about who is the Dragon Reborn. After that, it's in no small part a coinflip to see which characters connect more strongly with audiences. Much like GoT did, WoT TV will adjust as the show goes along to give more screentime to "breakout" characters even if it exceeds the scope of their role in the books. Ultimately, I expect that while the whole show certainly will pivot on the Dragon Reborn and the events he sets in motion, we will likely end up with at least several other characters having similar (if not greater) screentime to Rand. This they definitely need to do, and can likely achieve it quite easily, especially if they dramatically cull the ranks of the Forsaken (as seems likely). If by this you mean killing off major characters significantly earlier than it happens in the books, well, I would be shocked if this happens.
  9. Whether or not Gawyn gets cut or written out early is an interesting question, and probably has more to do with whether or not they want a love interest for Egwene than anything else. From a TV perspective, Gawyn isn't really needed anywhere. His role in Siuan's escape isn't important, he doesn't really matter for Elayne's plotline, and he isn't really important for the Tower civil war, which will certainly focus far more on channelers in the TV version. Which leaves his relationship with Egwene as his sole major involvement with a protagonist, and that's not particularly important for Egwene's character arc so much as it exists to give her some romance. Given current trends in writing and my own personal bias against the Gawyn and Egwene relationship, I would expect them not to give her a relationship, and so the more I think about it the more I think he well might be cut entirely or written out early. I'm probably wrong, though. I do think Galad is 100% a lock to stay because, as other posters have noted, the Whitecloaks appear set to play a prominent role in the show, and he is both a vehicle to show us the internal workings of the Whitecloaks and to (eventually) reform them for use in the climax.
  10. Domon may be a recurring character, but as much as I like him he's sadly a prime candidate for cutting. He doesn't really do anything that somebody else couldn't, since literally any character could be given that seal, and while he does have his plotline with Egeanin, she's another one who could readily be cut. Tuon will likely be introduced much earlier on the show as the face of the Seanchan, so having Egeanin becomes less important. I frankly expect that neither of them will have more than a bit part in the show.
  11. I'm of the opposite mind. I don't think that there's any reason for the show to be cute about whether or not Rand is the Dragon Reborn when it's confirmed by the end of the first book and fairly obvious quite a bit sooner, if not immediately (we don't see any PoV of the other EF residents getting attacked, after all). It was never much of a point of suspense, and if they keep the moment where Rand saves himself with the ship boom aboard the riverboat, every show viewer who cares enough to read or watch speculation is going to know he's the channeler. The meeting with Elayne is one of the highlights of EotW (at least for me) and would be a real shame to cut. As for Min, I kinda expect her to pop up at the Queen's Blessing, but I expect she'll be such a small role in S1 that she'll quite likely fly under the radar.
  12. 4-5 episodes for EotW might suffice, depending on how they did it. Episode 1 for the Two Rivers & fleeing, episode 2 for Shadar Logoth & the separation, episode 3 for everybody on the road & reuniting at the end, episode 4 for the Ways & Shienar to set up Tarwin's Gap, then either do Tarwin's Gap and the Eye of the World at the end of 4 or in an episode 5. EotW has a lot of important setup, but also a ton of stuff they can compress if they like.
  13. I would be shocked if there's any spanking in the show, both because it won't play well with audiences, and because, as mentioned, there's a clear fetish angle to it in the books which will not jive with a show positioning itself as a more feminist take on fantasy. The corporal punishment will most likely be pulled way back in general, but there's no reason that the any spanking vital to the plot (if there is such a thing) can't be replaced with the implication of a switching instead.
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