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  1. This is where I definitively and categorically disagree. There are far, far too many examples of outstanding TV and movies that have almost no swearing in them, who have gone on to reach cult status, critical acclaim, and billions in revenues. If this series focuses on the battles, gore, and nudity, it will probably do fine. I will just hate it and pull a Kesey on its sorry @ss. (in reference to Ken Kesey refusing to watch the One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest movie after the script was basically stolen and mangled.) Naw, just kidding, I'd watch it, but still piss and moan about it over a pint. I can totally see fame and fortune any way they go here. The story is just that good. GOT proved tits and blood works. Star Wars proved that deep character development, no boobs, no swearing, and special effects works. (Nerf herder??) LOTR proved that a cult following can propel a book into a blockbuster movie even though there where MAJOR transgressions on the story in the making... (I love both.) Both have their own place. I guess what I am saying here is, making broad sweeping statements of failure is pointless. Getting pissed off over the casting is pointless. This story is great and the TV show good or bad will not change my mind on that. IF this show crosses too many lines, the community will be pissed and I'm guessing the show will still do fine. BUT remember, we have some outstanding talent on our side and we NEED to remember they are fighting for Jordan's vision. Harriet McDougal, Brandon Sanderson, and many, many others are working on making this one of the best flaming, bloody, mother milk in a cup TV show we have ever seen. (thank you) OH, lastly, WOT can absolutely be for kids. I would recommend 10+. As the story is a bit too complicated for younger... But, this series is no darker than the last two books of Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. Which I might add was for sale at my daughters 5th grade book fair... (WTF?!) WOT COULD be made in a way so it didn't warrant an R rating. I for one, hope they do. It will let the story be shared with more people. And it will mean that the story mattered more than the tits and gore... Which, in my humble opinion, it should.
  2. HA! Sorry for the confusion... BUT NO. There bloody better be Mother's Milk in a Cup, Flaming, bloody and others in the show... (Envision a King Baby sized fit over twitter if this gets dropped...) I was just saying that when the books are not clear which other words are used, we will likely hear the f bomb or others. It would be awesome to hear some flaming goat lover or the like... But I'm not holding my breath.
  3. Sorry, just don't see the Valan Luca/Bruce Cambell.. Bruce Campbell for Uno Nomesta however... That would be magic.
  4. While I agree that the is no modern swear words written in the series, there are multiple points in the books where a character has a large amount of “colorful language that would make your mother blush”. Uno Nomesta being one character that has an extreamly vibrant vocabulary. When these moments are described in the series, I think we all have a pretty good idea of the words used as our imaginations are at work placing our modern vulgar tendencies in his rants. I doubt we are pausing in our reading/listing to come up with new swearwords he could be using. Don’t get me wrong I would love to hear Uno get super creative in his profanity... One of the reasons I love Uno is my tendency to use twisted and creative cursing... However, it is unlikely... Thus... #expectfbombs
  5. Min is an awesome character. Remember, she has large parts of the series where she is not with Rand. In Salidar, the tower, with Cadsuane Melaidhrin, studying the prophecies of the dragon with that old dude that is escaping memory before coffee... She is a well defined stand alone character that needs no man... If all we see of her is with Rand... Well, shit is going down...
  6. 1994, Fresh off Dragons of War by Christopher Rowley, I wondered in a local book shop to talk to a good friend and book guru for my next conquest. He handed me a copy of Eye of the World and told me I had no choice in the matter. I was 14 and this was life altering. Read every book now 3-4 times and listen to them more than that. (Listing to Lord of Chaos as I type...) I have been listening to New Spring with my ten year old son and he is hooked! (Ringing the hat in my hands I say) Thank you Mr. Jordan. Thank you.
  7. HA! Of coarse Rand al'Thor would say such a thing. You have Toh Rand al'Thor. Rand is a critical ingredient, but like all ingredients, if something is missing, there is no whole. My two cents, the story is about the battle between light and dark. The wheel turns. Each battle, a new dragon, new characters. If WOT was truly centered on Rand, then there would not be so many books with so many other amazing characters. and I wouldn't like it anywhere close to as much as I do. Without the all other characters fighting with Rand, he would have failed. He still almost did.... (shit... spoiler alert) It is my hope that the TV show doesn't infact center on any one character, but the weave of all without one taking true president.
  8. Hello Rafe, Thank you for taking the courage to take on such a momentous endeavor. I deeply respect your confidence and leadership here! If this were me, my first thing would be to tell someone to bring me my brown pants... (Just saying..) My main ask. Please don't be afraid of the white noise/white space/weeds in these books. As Brandon Sanderson said, “these characters were some my best friends.” I can’t agree more, but, for me, they didn't become my best friends through killing a trolic or a fade, or by battling Ishmael in the skies of Falma. Undoubtably, there will be epic battles and intense visual effects in bringing this to the screen. However, with any story, many times it is the weeds that pulls us in. That quite, white space moment where we recognize something in ourselves and can relate. Where we care about these people. What makes these characters my best friends is reading about Mat, looking a cute tavern girl, sitting with Talmanes, drinking, dicing, and trying to get the man to laugh. It's reading about Renald, being called to the blight by a Gathering Storm. Taking his best scythes and cutting them down to make polearms, so to help those who can/will fight even though he is too old to fight himself. About Perrin, a blacksmith in his heart, who even gets joy from making hinges. Almen Bunt, a farmer, facing starvation with his family, who is saved because Rand finally becomes the man he was destined to be. All great stories have white space. This space can be lost when a focus on the action is all that is translated. PBS does this incredibly well in many critically acclaimed shows, where they don’t have the budget for the high end special effects. They focus on the creation of the story and the characters because they don’t have the budget to do otherwise. You have the budget, please don’t turn this into another Hobbit. I would cry. Second ask, don’t add to the story plot or characters that are not in the books. These books are deep enough. I don’t want scenes or characters that never happened in the book unless you need to have these to explain something that is required. Jordan’s world is so well defined and explained, there is no need for additions. My two cents here.. I look forward to hearing, seeing and losing myself in your work. Brad
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