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  1. Yeah, this seems like a good idea, although as poster above says, they might not really need to mention years. GoT and The Expanse both get away without really mentioning years or dates much.
  2. Yeah, I agree that a lot of the later books could be condensed considerably. Things like the Faile/Shaido subplot, the loooong stay in Ebou Dar, etc., etc. These are good points! I'd totally forgotten they've already cast Logain. Make it more of an ensemble show from the get-go.
  3. Hey y'all, what do you make of the casting announcement about Alanna and her warders? Owein is renamed as Maksim (maybe so he's not confused with Thom's nephew Owyn, would be my guess), but it seems so strange to me to cast her now. She doesn't show up till book 2 (I mean, New Spring too, but in the main sequence) and isn't really much of a factor until TSR. Seems reasonable to conclude that she'll be a bigger character in the TV show. Any theories as to what her role in season 1 might be?
  4. Stands for New Era! It's the Farede calendar that started being used after the Hundred Years' War.
  5. Here's a thought: what if the opening scene is Gitara's Foretelling to Moiraine and Siuan? That way you get action (Battle of the Shining Walls), some Aes Sedai right off the bat (including Moiraine to center her more), and some weight to the Dragon Reborn. If you do it right, it wouldn't immediately give away that it's Rand, but it's kinda obvious pretty quickly anyhow. If you do Gitara's Foretelling/Battle of Shining Walls as prologue, then voiceover and credits, then Empty Road as Dagon says, you also get a sense of how much time Moiraine has spent searching.
  6. jibJAB


    I kinda wonder also if the Flame of Tar Valon weave becomes more well known and helps to fix balefire effects to some degree. So the things that've been burned out aren't the same, but there's something replacing the gaps when, say, the 2nd Age comes back around. E.g., no Bel'al, but someone in a similar role.
  7. New Spring is actually the one book I haven't read yet! Might loop back to it...
  8. Oh, what's this legal limbo? Thom definitely sounds like a good bet to me for Graham!
  9. Yeah, there must've been some weird kind of tension between having an egalitarian society and having channelers/non-channelers. Maybe that's where ter'angreal came in to equalize things a bit?
  10. Always a tough call, but either Crown of Swords or Gathering Storm. What about you?
  11. Interesting, so would that mean that if you can be born with three names, you could inherit status?
  12. Hi all! Excited to join the Dragonmount community! I've been doing a re-read to prep for the TV show, always fun to revisit the books.
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