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  1. The only problem I have with Rand is..well he's just not Rand anymore. I get that this is probably necessary in order to defeat the DO, but he is now this weird fellow, more like Lews Therin who has Rand's memories than the other way around. No matter how glad I am to see him sane and good I just can't ecape the feeling that this is not who he is supposed to be...
  2. Amen Kahlika!!(evrything you've said so far) Babuada- Why is Rand so perfect?!! I beg of you explain this to me!? And just one more thing. When Egwene negotiated with Wise Ones and WindFinders she is hoping that the WT will take the lead. But NOT because they SHOULD take the lead but because she hopes that they are going to prove themselves the best. which is a completely different thing. Read carefully and you'll see I'm right
  3. I agree! I personally LOVE Egwene. I've loved her from the first book. But I accept the fact that some people don't! I think the point of this thread was to discuss her arc in this book, which was in my opinion great. She destroyed one of the Forsaken, she is a great Amyrlin, she is trying to establish her authority.(which isn't easy, and you need to sometimes be a bitch in order to do that, because you CAN'T please everybody), She might get the Wise Ones and the Windfinders to work with her....Come on people isn't this enough. She is by no means perfect. But this is exactly why these books are great. Every character is so complex. I love them all but sometimes they make me crazy. Every one of them!(Some more than others). So in the end Zentari is right, it all comes to personal opinion. Some of us would be her friends some wouldn't. So hate her if you want but you've got to admit she's done some amazing things.. Maybe you wouldn't do it the same way but she still deserves your respect.
  4. Definitely Graendal!!!! She was hot!
  5. First of all I really enjoyed the book! Brandon did a great job! This book is better than few of the last ones in the series. There is finally something changing inside Rand's head!(I've been waiting for that for quite a while). Egwene was (and I hate this word) AWESOME!!! No need to say more. With Mat I had a feeling that Brandon put him in the book because people would've been disappointed if he hadn't. It's in the next book that we will see plenty of good old Mat I think. About Cadsuan. I love Cadsuan. People so don't get her! Completely don't get her. She is by far the strongest character in the series(I'm talking about will power). And people don't get that the way she's been treating Rand was the ONLY way to go. Luckers is one of the few people I've seen on these forums that understands her. But unlike him I was not at all disappointed in her! She did some amazing things in this book!(Semirhag, and probably saved Rand's sanity) Luckers, you sad she lost her subtlety. I disagree. When she bullies, she is the master! No way for you to do anything else but exactly what she wants you to. But she was never subtle about it. She was never blunt either but subtle? I mean could see it coming every time, but the great thing about her is even when you saw it coming and thought you could elude her, you got crushed.
  6. What do you think happened with Cadsuan and that wilder(Norla?) back when Cad was young?
  7. I don't understand why so many people think that the woman, Aran'gar, used to be Aginor? In the last chapter of book 9 Osan'gar says how Trollocs were his makin and thus Myrddraal that sprung from them, and many other creatures that rocked the world.
  8. You know how saidin is weird near Ebou Dar in the 8th book? And even all the damane feel sick? What caused it? I mean if it was the thing Elayne did with that gateway why didn't the chanelers in Andor(on theother side of the gateway) feel sometning?
  9. OK we know that Lanfear is the strongest out of all female Forsaken. But I've never been able to find anything about how the other 4 rank. Have you? If not, who do you think is the second one in strenght?
  10. Cadsuan!!!! I grew up in a family packed with women who could make Cadsuan seem weak!! And let me tell you one thing! they ALWAYS win!!
  11. If Cadsuan was on the evil side the good guys wouldn't have a chance! ;D I personally don't know about Verin! I'm not saying she is a darkfriend,which she might be, but she hiding something big!
  12. I disagree! she become very mature! I think on some level she even more mature than Rand! She is actually one of my favorite characters! and she is by far the most intelligent out of all people from two rivers!
  13. I don't think that Lanfear got stilled/burnt out then healed!!! It just doesn't seem right.She would've become much weaker in the Power than she did and it doesn't explain the new body! And who Healed her? I can only think of two possibilities 1) She died! The DO gave her a new body and punished her by making her weaker in the Power and a servant of Moridin's (hence the name Cyndane) 2) We know that those strange people in that ter'angreal can give you gifts, but you must always pay the price! So ( and I know it sounds pretty far-fetched) maybe they had something to do with her change? What I do know is that Moiraine is still trapped in there, and that Mat is going to save her! But I also think that she will come out with something extra. A 'gift'. And probably a very important one.
  14. Do you think that Moiraine is going to become stronger in the Power if they save her? I was thinking that something like this might happen because Lanfear escaped and got weaker and Moiraine stayed. What do you think about this/
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