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  1. Oh, Egwene. She should have turned to the shadow. Light knows she did enough to help them out. How I loathe this character. I do so because I know far too many self-destructive, self-appointed know-it-alls in the real world to lend any sort of sympathy to her in Randland. I was so, so hoping she would die as I read the series the first time. Thankfully, she did just that. But even that moment was tainted with superior self-righteousness. "She was... the Flame of Tar Valon!" *gag!* I was shocked that other characters were allowed to mourn "Rand" at the end. Didn't she pass some edict during her final moments, some decree declaring that all men were vile beasts and Rand chief among them? No. She didn't. But she wanted to. She should have picked the Red. And now a phallus-like monument stands erect where she died. Fitting, if you ask me. I celebrated when she died. Still do. Good riddance, you spoiled little chit. And thanks for wanting to release the Dark One. I'm sure Randland appreciated that. Hope they saw the error of your ways in hindsight. Give me Elida any day. At least she made me laugh.
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