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  1. It's widely assumed that RJ did it in order for the reader to think that she had been at the darkfriend meeting that takes place in the prologue. If it serves no purpose to have her leave, then why does the author do it? It would easier for him to just not mention her at that point.
  2. Elayne has POV chapters, making it all but impossible for her to be a DF. What have you read that makes you think she is?
  3. Yeah, I modded them for a month or so. Quickly resigned and left not long after.
  4. I think I left around 2008 / 2009. To be fair, it all looks familiar enough! Thanks! I used to hang out on the old D&D boards, but they became very, very toxic so I trotted off. Thanks!
  5. Hi All, Back to the forums after a long, long absence. Same old name. Hoping some of the old crowd are still around.
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