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  1. I understand and agree to a careful return to working on the show... but would love to see some trailers before the end of 2020 to keep my excitement peaked!
  2. Total Matt fan... favorite chapter is "The Tower of Ghenjei"
  3. I like the choice for Thom, as far as looks... though going to have to lighten up the locks! I didn't think for a minute that they could exclude the character, and think that the doubts he would be included were because it would be such a difficult character to portray. He will have to pontificate and prance like a Ringmaster, as well as be sincere and lovable companion to the EF5. Not an easy thing to pull off!! Good luck Alexandre!! Don't let us down. *Hey, SD here,I edited out what looks like an accidental copy-paste of your pay stub....*
  4. Too many haters!!! I agree with Rafe... diversity is important for a wider audience. After all, we need this to last for many seasons. It would be much more frustrating if the series was cancelled too soon, right???
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