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  1. Most Wheel of Time fans begin their experience with The Eye of the World. But there are several other places a person could begin the series. In our latest episode The Wheel of Time Community Show, Kitty describes all the possible entry points for Robert Jordan's epic masterpiece. Check out the video below, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
  2. It’s fall and winter! Kitty shows us how to make Tam’s Wheel of Time stew. Mmmm. Click here to download the recipe (PDF) Tams_Stew.pdf
  3. In our latest episode of The Wheel of Time Community Show, Kitty teaches us how to bake Wheel of Time Honeycakes! You can download the full recipe here: WoT_Honeycakes.pdf Wheel of Time Honeycakes Notes * Remove any storage items from the oven before preheating. * If using regular table/iodized salt instead of kosher salt, use half the amount of salt. * In a hot kitchen, chill prepped ingredients and dough as needed. * If you don’t want excess honey butter, halve the recipe for it. * If working with a half batch at a time, wrap
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