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  1. Logain: my favorite character in the book. I would love to see him on screen more. Especially from a perspective of 'male-channelers are anathema' but i hope they seed the scene with hints of his nobility and potential redemption that he gets later in the series. There are Many reasons that Siuan cannot go to Camelyn and way more that Moiraine cannot take the kids to Tar Valon. Those would be wholly inconsistent with the plot. If Siuan goes to Camelyn, the girls would have to be dropped off with her to go back to Tar Valon, and would never discover Rand's nature nor interact with Fain in Saldea. The same effect if they went to Tar Valon directly. Not to mention the ramifications of Rand being in the white tower, why would moiraine risk his safety for anything that could be avoided? But that could be written around i suppose. But the girls definitely would could not (with integrity to the books). And Geofram isn't this big bad guy, he represents our insight into why the children of the light are logical to themselves and Jordan depicts him as a grandfatherly figure. He doesn't have a hatred for women, he merely follow his duty against them, and is often shown as considering multiple aspects of each scenario thoughtfully. He is the perfect balance to the zealous nature of the white cloaks (his son in particular). The best rivals and villains are those whose thought peocess we can understand but not agree with. And i love the idea of Geofram being more in the limelight and having an expanded role. Not as the villain or monster-type representative, but the thoughtful leash-holder of a pack of rabid dogs who just really believes its his duty to oppose the white tower. I would love that version of his character. I agree with the rest though. Good thoughts.
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