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  1. I'll stick with the books, thank you very much. The racial diversity in them made sense, rather than trying to force racial diversity into an isolated homogenous community. All these unnecessary racial and sexual changes are more about trying to force a political agenda than trying to do justice to the source material. I have practically stopped watching movies or television series because of this trend. This woke train wreck is unworthy of my viewership just like so many projects that have followed the same path. It's a shame that it has probably retarded any chance of seeing a good and
  2. I truly do not care if it is cancelled after a single season, due to its lack of fidelity to the books. It is no more appealing to me than the rest of the low quality, agenda driven tripe coming out of Hollywood these days. The injected diversity I'm seeing brings to mind the horrendous Ghostbusters remake which received much deserved hate. Too many classic titles are having their brands tarnished. There's a good reason I've almost completely stopped watching movies and television fiction. Content quality in the industry is suffering for the sake of pervasive and often illogical Hollywood
  3. Even fantasy should have some grounding in realism, and realistically an isolated backwoods community is going to be homogenous. I know, because I live in the same little backwoods community where my ancestors were among the first white settlers almost two centuries ago. Today we have automobiles and means of communication with the outside world, but in my grandparents' day, the only people available for marriage were cousins. Traveling thirty miles was a major undertaking, and most people lived their entire lives without straying that far from home. No matter the diversity of the people w
  4. I've already seen enough change from the source materials to know I won't be watching. Yet another series with wonderful potential ruined by a revisionist progressive agenda.
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