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  1. Why is everyone so obsessed with cutting Min, out of all the characters in the books? She seems to be the one that is coming up most often, despite the fact that she's one of the few character we know almost certainly that we ARE going to keep, given Rafe's comments on the love quadrangle (ie that the dynamics of the four will be expanded into broader polyamory, not cut down).
  2. I think it's fair to go so far as say she rapes him, honestly. (something that frankly I really hope they drop from the tv series, because it was super creepy and unnecessary)
  3. Mad Mikkelsen has the right look, and I'll admit my brain has gone there as well, especially during that one opening scene of Rogue One. But a Lan that would be over sixty before the time the series is done is kinda pushing it in terms of age, especially playing against Zoe Robins' Nynaeve. Getting attached to specific actors is an exercise in frustration, with any adaptational casting.
  4. I'm not sure one of the few male/female friendships in the series being a guy who is only friends with a women because he thinks of her as an honorary dude, really disproves the point, there.
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