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  1. White cloaks are religious extremists, but the have white cloaks (hence the name) with armor and gold suns on their cloak and tabard. No need for hoods or correlating anything to kkk. Padain fain has a large enough roll. Why change the book?! This will only ruin the show.Im pretty sure Robert Jordan got it right with characters the less things are changed the better the series will be. Logan, elaida and siuan are not minor characters and should not be combined or changed. Elyas is a minor character, but important to Perins character development. Why change that? Again, even risking sounding like a broken record, I feel like I can't stress this enough, why change Robert's work? He did an awesome job! That's why we love the books and want a series.....to see THE BOOKs, not someone else's interpretation of the book , that may or may not ruin it. Using too much creative liscence is going to ruin this show imho.
  2. This is bologna, an adaptation doesn't have to change much. These people think that they need to take "creative licence" to put their personal stamp on the show. This is not the case and is going to ruin it. Tlotr, and 6seasons of got were so successful BECAUSE THEY STUCK TO THE BOOKS. If the book wasn't well written, it wouldn't have done so well. I've read the series easily 25 times and been reading it since I was a teenager and first found a book in the school library. I am seriously afraid this will turn into a shannara, 7-8 season of got disappointment. I hope its awesome, but seems like its going to be ruined . Fingers crossed they stick with the books and dont change much.
  3. Hello, I am new to DM. Have been reading and re-reading the books since i was in high school, sometime in the 90's. I think its great we are finally getting a tv show, but I am also worried when i have seen great series like Shannara bomb out. I hope its released in a timely manner, and also well done. I am somewhat comforted that Sanderson will have input, but honestly would feel better if original author was still here to Shepard this along. I will be waiting anxiously for the premiere!!
  4. And also on a side note GOT was awesome until season 7.....which was ok then 8 really bombed in my opinion so I am worried about the show meeting my expectations at all.
  5. I see your point and agree to shannara being horrible, and if they make this a teen drama it will suck horribly. If that is the reason you are worried about the characters I understand. But If its only because they aren't an exact match in detail, I'm less inclined to be worried.
  6. Characters "look" fine to me....like someone else said, its more about how well they can act than looks......
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