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  1. I wish you luck in finishing it! For me my favorite book is Eye of the World; mostly I love introductory storylines (A New Hope is also my favorite Star Wars movie for context hah). I've always been a huge fan of Siuan, and it's safe to say that she's been one of my favorites throughout the series. And I have a soft spot for Logain as well. I'm excited to watch old fans geek out before it becomes popular, and equally excited to see the new types of fans it draws in. Love following all the #WoTWednesday announcements and various actors and crew online. I'm admittedly hyped up.
  2. Really enjoyed the panel, Jen! Even without Rafe it was a good one to listen in on and appreciated getting the opportunity to this year (haven't been to Jcon since 2011, eek). I appreciated how much he was willing to talk about. And it's very clear that he is a fan, which I've appreciated since the start. Here's hoping for an amazing show!
  3. Hello Dragonmount! I've long been an admirer of your site, since the early days, but hadn't yet joined. With all the new hype for the upcoming television show I thought it would be a good time to actually dip my big toe in the water and join the community! A little about myself - I'm American born but a naturalised Brit and live outside of London with my English fiancé. I've been in Covid-19 lockdown for 7 weeks (and counting), so looking for other things to get involved with; especially since I've been asked to stop baking. I'm interested in travel, photography, reading (duh), writing, board games, and whisky (especially a good single malt). Started reading WoT when I was quite a bit younger (in the mid 90s), a few friends from an online Star Wars club convinced me to pick up the Wheel of Time. I've never looked back. I've actually not finished the last book, got about 1/2 through and ended up crying on a public train so put it down. Couldn't pick it back up once I realized that finishing it would mean closing a chapter in my life so it's collecting dust on my bedside table ever since.
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