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  1. Thanks for the welcome @Niniel I am currently on deployment for the USN so I won't be super active for a bit until we get home but I gotta say Flinn is my favorite Asha'man with his ability to heal things that even Aes Sedai can't along with his good character development over his stay with Perrin. Much prefer ice cream over cake because as we all know the time honored tradition is that the cake is a lie of course.
  2. I don't understand why people are saying that they want this TV show to be PG-13. The books themselves are not PG-13 except for not detailing out sex scenes everything else is very MA content (I'm talking about the battle scenes like Dumai's Well and language even though it isn't modern cussing.) These aren't things that can be cut out because these things help shape the trio since they all hate battles and killing but they are forced to do so to survive. I doubt they would be able to make this show work as a PG-13 content and stay true to how detailed the books were in the battle scenes and n
  3. Have you had access to scripts that we don't? So far I have seen little to nothing about what they are doing with the actual story so how can you say that they are competing with GoT. Also in the books there is plenty of scenes with Rand and Min, Elayne, and Aviendha also Nynaeve and Lan having sex. These books don't go into specifics like GoT but it is there. Not even mentioning all the scenes with Aes Sedai and their rituals where they are "Clad in the Light" meaning naked. Also the many torture scenes where people are stripped naked. If you have problems with people being naked then maybe t
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