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  1. Expectations are definitely lowered. And while I agree with much of what Brandon is saying; that we would never get a Robert Jordan adaptation, I think it was entirely possible to get one that was close enough. Funny that he mention the first two Harry Potter movies. Those were the absolute best in my opinion. Course they were difficulties and adapting the other books to movies due to their scope, but some of the liberties they took with dumbledore's character in particular or just completely out of place. And really, honestly pissed off a lot of fans. Richard Harris was the epitome of Dumbledore. These actors chosen for Perrin and Nynave maybe terrific actors, but they are poor adaptations. It's okay to take liberties with some things. But not with main characters. This is my opinion.I completely understand wanting to have a rich diverse world. But here's the thing, Jordan already wrote a rich diverse world. Tuon was black, the sea folk were black, I saw many other areas for them to include diversity without messing with the main characters. These are beloved characters to people. I have followed these books for over 20 years. Reading them multiple multiple times. Imagine if someone would have chosen to make say Frodo or Bilbo of mixed race. How would that sit? The Shore was his isolated as the two rivers. It has nothing to do with racism, or these actors actual ability. I have no doubt they are fantastic actors. And they could have had great places in the story as well. This is a Rocky start to a series that's already had a rocky start. I will watch it for my love of the books, just like I will watch the new dune movie. It deserves a chance. But I'm not going to faithfully say I agree with those choices.
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