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  1. I read some where that human beings obsession with race is something that is an obsession of such little importance that if alien anthropologists came to earth and only had skeletal remains to look at and define the human race that the variance in skin color is so small that it wouldn't even be something of significance to be noted. They wouldn't even see it as mattering. Ever actor I saw the picture for I felt in my gut was the right person. I have read the books more times then I care to share, I met Mr. Jordan once at a signing and he signed all the books that were out at the time. I think he was a man of wonderous vision but a practicality rooted much like he was of solid Two rivers stock himself and I think he shake his head at people arguing over things like this, instead of glorifying in the fact THE ARE MAKING W.O.T. INTO A TELEVISION SERIES PEOPLE. Don't let toxicity do what it has to comic fandom or fantasy fandom or trek fandom, Wars fandom hell every fandom out there... don't be the people making actors sad they took a role and were respectful of the material beyond anything seen but sad little trolls harass and attacked them into leaving their online presence to erased. Even the Forsaken would not be so cruel or so selfish to think they were the Creator. We know RJ was and I trust in his choices to steer W.O.T. into being more then something passed by and left forgotten and irrelevant. It deserves to be more because it is more and nothing as silly as Andorian Lineage matters more then real people... after all who's to say the Andors aren't all people of color.... if they can change The Dragon Reborn well changing the rest to follow suite should not be declared a breaking of the world but a reuniting of both halves men and woman saidin and saidar, white and black Everyone forgets we are one... not two....
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