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  1. I think we got a big hint during the Dark Rand period, when Rand demonstrated and ability to affect the pattern through the force of his will, e.g. Tuon having to resist agreeing to Rand's treaty. While Dark Rand's ability to affect specific changes in the pattern does not seem sufficient to seal the DO outside the pattern, a combination of the wills of the three Ta'veren could be enough to fix the hole in the pattern. Specifically, and in outline form, here is my opinion of the method used to defeat the Dark One: 1. Rand breaks the seals, removing an obstacle to the reformation of the pattern.(Clearing the rubble in order to rebuild.) 2. Rand, Mat and Perrin are combined into a single entity (similar to Luc and Isam) with sufficient Ta'veren ability to heal the pattern. This process apparently/actually kills the three Ta'veren. 3. Unified Super Ta'veren (or UST) fixes the hole in the pattern. 4. UST uses creative power to weave Trollocs, Fades, the Blight, etc. from the pattern. (Possibly also resurrecting the scores of well loved characters who died during the last battle.) 5. As a final act, UST weaves Mat, Perrin and Rand back into the pattern. Everyone lives happily in a Dark One free, rapidly industrializing world. I think that this seems consistent with the metaphysics of the pattern while also allowing both a happy ending with all our favorite people alive and the tension of plenty of those same characters dying dramatically during the Last Battle
  2. Ok, so I've posted this before in this thread, but no one seemed to notice, but after doing some more research, I think it warrants considering: In chapter 56 of The Shadow Rising (Book IV) we are given a PoV of a defeated Fain leaving the Two Rivers. He says (on page 942 on the paperback) that he is taking his remaining darkfriends to Tar Valon, "But Caemlyn first!" We next see Fain already in Tar Valon in the prologue of The Fires of Heaven, with no hint of what he did in Caemlyn. We know that Fain can have a corrupting influence wherever he goes, so it seems important to consider what Fain did in Caemlyn.
  3. Ok, here's something that has always bothered me that doesn't seem to be mentioned much on these forums, and I feel it could be the sort of thing that BS is referring to.(As long as it's in the right book, which it may not be, my ability to keep the books divided in my head isn't the best) -After Fain's whitecloaks are kicked out of the Two Rivers, he goes to the tower to retrieve his dagger, but he says he must go to Camelyn first, and I don't recall ever learning what he did there, but we know that Fain can have quite an influence on the places he visits. I might have some of my facts wrong since I don't have my books with me, but any light someone else could shed on this would be much appreciated.
  4. So, as I was walking home today, I realized something shocking; we could see tanks at the last battle. By tanks I of course mean motorized artillery pieces created by combining that dude from Rand's school's steam wagon (which has completed a journey to Tear by KoD) with Aludra's cannons. I don't think this is a huge leap, as I recall Mat saying he'd want two horses to pull his cannon carts, and Rand is aware of the pulling potential of the steam wagons. Plus the people involved with construction of both these devices are pretty ingenious, and its not much of a leap from "Let's pull the cannons with these wagons." to "Let's put the cannons on top of these wagons." So after the explanation, I have a couple questions: Do you think this is a possibility? And if this happens how would you feel about it? I already pointed out why I think its a possibility, and as for how I would feel about it, I'm conflicted.... While the idea of Mat standing atop a gleaming steampunk artillery piece ordering a volley of cannon-fire into the black mass of Trollocs in the valley below is kind of awesome, the complete difference from our technological development (motorized artillery before any kind of rifle)is a little off-putting. So yeah, what do you all think of this?
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