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  1. I completely agree. Moiraine couldn't have been cast better. These other characters seemed to have been cast as though WoT is just a random YA novel. The Two Rivers is supposed to be an isolated and homogeneous village. Most people look similar. It's not supposed to look like it's Manhattan or LA. If you go to a small European town one in the South or Midwest US (none of which are as isolated as the Two Rivers) you'll see that similarity. Rand looks a bit different but not even enough to where he's obviously an outcast, just that he takes from his outlander mom (in itself a rarity in the TR). The characters were all surprised to note that Rand (whom they all felt was completely a normal TR youth) looked startlingly like an Aiel. Also, Perrin is supposed to be huge. With all the people that work out, there isn't one decent actor who's also really buff? I wasn't worried but now I am concerned. I hope my impressions are wrong.
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