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  1. Well, the Two rivers came from menetharin (sorry for the spelling) which by many accounts was a modern city, probably a lot like Manhattan or LA. So maybe the diversity is expected? Or by now they would all appear to be mixed race which I can buy any of these actors as being. Can that be it?
  2. If you guys aren't sure about Nynaeve looking the part, try googling the actress. There are better pictures of her's out there. The ones with flowing hair look the part in my opinion. Very much like many of the renderings of Nynaeve. Here's one I found: I'm more concerned about how Rand doesn't know he's not his fathers son at this point. Would seem pretty obvious to anyone? Not sure how they will pull that off: Tam Al Thor - "Well you see son, yer kind of a two rivers albino see...just a recessive gene activating that's all. Maybe you can roll around in the dirt a bit just in case some ole Aes Sedai come along"
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