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  1. Yes, by this decision immersion will either be more difficult or they have to show the rest of the world as incredibly diverse. If they e.g. keep the Aiel and the Sea Folk as in the books what are the purpose of the changes in the most isolated, remote village in the world other than forced diversity? And then we are into showrunner politics and not the WoT of the books, which leaves the important question. What else will be changed? So little that this won't matter too much in the big picture, or so much that we can barely recognize the book story? What is certain is that we already know, we won't get a faithful adaption. I look forward to the next cast news. Thom and Lan especially, which will add a bit more knowledge to the questions above. I wonder why they haven't already announced it yet. Maybe Thom will be Thomina?
  2. Hollywood and CGI can do a lot of things and we all want as good a show as we can get but we work with limited resources and making Moiraine or Nyneave shorter, Perrin bigger or Rand taller will increase production cost. There's no reason to spend money on something that could easily have been avoided.
  3. @I-Take-This-Too-Seriously While I completely agree with you the showrunners disagree. Rafe is doing his own thing and we should not expect a faithful adaption. Rafe wants the Two Rivers inhabitants to look 'like America will in a few hundred years.' The way Rafe know that e.g. a small village in the middle of nowhere Montana or Maine wouldn't be very close to 100% like now is him thinking more New York/California than the rest of the US and shows a lacking in understanding the US overall demographics and a downgrading of the importance of how the Emond's Field is portrayed in the books. How a reader of WoT could get to that interpretation of the books is baffling or directly unnecessary changes for the sake of changes/marketing/showrunner politics. And if this is any indication of the rest of the show we will not get RJ's WoT but rather Rafe's version, which is something completely different. On the other hand the actors are supposed to be great, really dedicated, and epitome the characters and that is more important. However, Rafe's screen dump (link below) shows that he already - before casting - had decided on the looks and how then do we know that these were the best for the roles? The fear, of course, is that we get another Legend or Shannara Chronicles. The soul of the story can still be shown with this casting, of course, but the fear is increasing as the expectations are lowered.
  4. Actually, I would say more something like Northern France since tanning can make a Celtic inspired person look sort of like the others. By now we're looking forward to Wednesday and hopefully some news of Lan, Thom, Loial, Elyas, the Trakands, and the rest of important cast from book 1.
  5. Lan will have to be younger. After the Epstein affair there's no way Twitter will accept a relationship between an older, powerful king and a 20 year old villager. It's the same with Rand the his harem... Erhm, I mean his three love interests. If the Two Rivers and Andor is like New York, then Elayne can be any race. Actually race doesn't matter at all in the tv-series as we can see. It's sort of like in real life except, of course, that RJ wrote it that way to give us that conclusion.
  6. Except, of course, the quote only talk about hair and eye color, and Elaida need to see his untanned arms to be completely certain Rand is not from the Two Rivers. They might be great actors, but we are already getting a diverse Two Rivers (they look nothing alike). A big part of RJs world is his diverseness, but that is diverse from region to region and not in the most isolated village in the world. Either Rafe or the exec's bungled the main casting, and the fear is now that we'll get another Legend or Shannara Chronicle, where they unnecessarily sold out the source material going their own "creative" way. Still, we'll have to see with the next announcements and when pics of the sets and wardrobes come out. So far all they have done is lowered the expectations for a faithful adaption quite severely and split the fan base.
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