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  1. Quick Google says that Daniel Henney is 1.88m, and Rosamund Pike is 1.74m. I love Lan and I love Daniel Henney so I'm happy. I think people are obsessing too much over the looks of the cast. Maybe it's because I live in Australia (generally very multicultural) and I'm also mixed race, so I feel like a person's appearance often has nothing to do with their culture, fictional or not.
  2. Everyone's made a lot of good arguments that make sense, but really it comes down to how the writers and producers interpreted the books, and how they want to convey it to a new audience. I've always visualised pretty much all the characters as white unless specified by RJ, but I have no issues with the casting. Perhaps the people of Emond's Field will be generally dark-skinned, and Rand and Mat are the outlier? The books are still there for us in their perfect form anyway, I don't need an adaptation that will give me the same experience as the books. Anyway, I'm super super excited for an Aussie girl to play Egwene.
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