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  1. We are weeks away from even the start of the filming, but I see more and more and more comments like these: they should write their own story and film it; if you don't like the story why don't you read or write a different one rather than butcher a beloved one; I definitely won't be watching the show; "Representation is a real an needed thing." Then write your own book; I won't be watching - the makers of the show should think about the criticism, and change their plan, if there's any except we'll rewrite the novels to our taste and belief and sexuality.
  2. A prediction: they will change Elayne's gender.
  3. According to the author: 'Elisa's face turned bright red. Very bright red.' 'Perrin blushed very red' 'Egwene cut in angrily. "Nynaeve says ..." She broke off, her cheeks turning pink,' ... 'Her face went redder, and she fell silent.' 'Egwene's face went scarlet to her eyebrows, and she spun away with a muttered, "Men!"' 'Egwene, whom he had grown up with. Now, except for her big dark eyes, she could almost have passed as an Aiel woman, and not only for her tanned face and hands.' 'Nynaeve's face paled' 'Her face and dress were even dirtier than Egwene's, and the same dark circles fined her eyes, though her hands, too, were clean.' /See Hermione and her panda-face.../ 'Abruptly Nynaeve buried her face in her cup. Rand's eyes widened. She was blushing. Nynaeve never showed herself even the least bit disconcerted. Angry, yes; outraged, often; but never out of countenance. But she was certainly red-cheeked now, and trying to hide in the wine.' 'Dark-eyed and slender, Nynaeve wore her hair in a fat braid'' /Her eyes are dark, but her skin is not./
  4. See Jordan's list, then you will know that who has problems.
  5. WOT casting by Robert Jordan (the author of the series) Rand: a young Ben Affleck Mat: James Garner at age 21 Perrin: a young Val Kilmer Egwene: Audrey Hepburn at age 18 Nynaeve: a young Jacqueline Bisset Aviendha: a young Sophia Loren Elayne: Nicole Kidman at age 18 Min: Isabella Rossellini Tuon: Halle Berry Moiraine: Hedy Lamarr Lan: Liam Neeson in one of his craggier roles Birgitte: Lucy Lawless of Xena Faile: Cher at age 19 Thom: Patrick Stewart with hair Verin: a young Margaret Rutherford Siuan (after stilling): Renee Zellweger (before appearance change) Gareth Bryne: a combination Charlton Heston and John Wayne Morgase: Michelle Pfeiffer Berelain: Isabelle Adjani Padan Fain: Alan Rickman Semirhage: Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks Demandred: Omar Sharif Lanfear: a younger Catherine Deneuve
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