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  1. I'm not gonna say the usual Rand/Mat/Perrin because I'm sure everyone's heard it all before. I'm gonna say Loial right now, he's got a lot to discuss and I do like a good story!
  2. Thanks everyone! Sorry for not replying any quicker, I've just finished Eye of the World for the 2nd time (1st time really paying attention)
  3. That's a tough one. I can see the benefits of a Mistborn but the Radiants have always been so awesome!
  4. I finished a full Cosmere re-read just there and then received White Sand vol 3 which I powered through. Was a great journey but I forget we are only scraping the beginning of the Cosmere.
  5. If you have already read Snapshot then Legion is a similar detective-vibe story. Rithmatist is my personal favourite about a magic school whose magic system is drawing lines with various degrees of actions.
  6. I'd say they arent as intricate and do fall short as they don't have much lore or expansion but as standalone novels, you could read worse but they are enjoyable for a quick, easy read
  7. I know, and they definitely are fond! Thanks very much, I've read some major parts here and there over the years so not too much to be spoiled with however I hope experiencing it first hand would be more ideal.
  8. Thanks! I've started Eye of the World and it's just so descriptive. I'm looking forward to binge reading a lot of the books.
  9. I would give Skyward a read. It's an easy read and the next one is out shortly! It can be quite bulky though whereas his other books are much shorter
  10. Hey @Basel Gill, I've found Sanderson's non-Cosmere work as engaging as his Cosmere work. Snapshot is a fun novella that expands upon the imagination of using time-devices for police work and the Legion collection has many twists and turns as a standard Sanderson novel. Skyward is pretty great, it's a refreshing take on science fiction for Sanderson and I'll be looking to read it before Starsight comes out in the next few months. The Rithmatist was a damn good read, too. I only found out after that a sequel was planned and not yet in the works so was kinda bummed about that. I have yet to read Reckoners myself but I think after watch Amazon's The Boys, it might pale in comparison.
  11. Pretty broad, I'd imagine, to those non particularly accustomed to the Western accent. I'm up Kirkcaldy way for my partners work (taxi-ing) almost daily! And usually only in Livingston if the shopping centres close to Glasgow are not opened! Thanks for the jolly response anyway, hope to be getting a bit more involved soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
  12. Living just outside of Glasgow for my 30 years of existence! I'll give everything a further look tomorrow when it isn't past midnight but thanks for the reply! Earthsea was my first foray into fantasy so will always hold a place close to me ? Y'know, every time someone speak in Scot it reminds me of Graham McTavish in Outlander ?
  13. Hey Everyone! New reader here. Starting my journey with Eye of the World as we speak so will steer clear of the other areas of the forum for a little while. My name is Graham and I stay in Scotland. Bit of background: I've basically came from Brandon Sanderson (I know, I know) but I've been such a massive fan of the Cosmere that I thought it time to move to a new fantasy setting and where else better! My grandad gave me a copy of EOTW before he passed and I never read it, probably because I was young and had painful memories, but now I think it's time to break down those walls and get going. Apart from the Cosmere, I find myself reading Middle Earth, Earthsea, Kingkiller and a bunch of other stories. I won't promise I will delve in as far as I necessarily want to with this epic but I'll certainly try. I'm excited to get lost in this world, especially with the TV series coming up but that's a completely different topic. Hopefully get back to you all shortly with an update! ?
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