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  1. I usually think of it as an "augmented reality" sort of experience, where the channelers could "see" the Source/weaves/flows overlaid on top of their normal senses.
  2. Breaking the shield was him exercising LTT's knot-bursting skill, plus flexing his own raw strength in the Power. Bursting the box on the other hand, required channeling a flow of Air, and stilling the sisters was "crushing them ruthlessly with fists of Spirit". I think I would technically call the latter two, at least, weaves, albeit weaves of a single flow of a single element. I don't think the stilling was accidental; I think LTT put the weave for it in his head.
  3. That sounds like Avatar's <element>-bending, which was very cool, and made for wonderful visuals. However, it would cause a few plot problems in WoT, such as how Rand gets out of the box when he can't move. There's even some discussion in the books about how the AS's hand gestures are probably only necessary because that's how they've been trained, whereas other channelers don't need them.
  4. Sure, except that instead of just sparky orange energy flavored threads, we need about 15 different types. And the budget for Dr. Strange was $165M for 2 hours; the budget for WoT, even if it's a megahit like Game of Thrones, would probably be $165M for 2 seasons. I feel like if I were doing the SFX, knowing that there were going to be a *lot* of "weave" SFX shots, I'd want to really try to invent a "Weave generator" program, where I plug in some parameters, and it makes the weave CGI for me. If they need to do every channeling SFX shot bespoke, they'll break the bank.
  5. One topic that's been on my mind lately, where I think the TV show could be either amazing or awful, is in its visualization of channeling. The showrunners have a tricky task here, as there were many, many scenes in the WoT that hinged on actions that were entirely invisible to a non-channeling observer. When they show the POV of a channeler (which will be more often than not, if the show gets past the first few seasons), it seems like they will need to add CGI effects that convey the origin (Saidin/Saidar/True Power) and element (Earth/Air/Fire/Water/Spirit) of each t
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