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  1. So my OS is too old to download any of the readers. Really? Any other poor people out there who can't afford to upgrade as often as they should?
  2. Hmmmm. Yes. Yes to all. What a fun thread to read through. I think it may be time for a re-read... The only faves of mine that I didn't see on the list were: Elayne and Avi's adoption ("if you are ever tempted to strike her, remember that you already have and for no better reason than that you were told to...") Nyn's last pass through the Accepted Terangreal. Remember? When she was married to Lan and Malkier was whole? Oh. And did anyone mention The Golden Crane? :P
  3. So what's the sitch, neph? Do you want me to see if I can get a few more made before the end of the week? Do you think you'll need more?
  4. Holy Cow! And I was proud of my 5...
  5. ??? So, as I'm knitting, a question has occured to me. Do you want me to weave in the ends of my finished pieces, or leave them loose? Also, would you like me to wait until I have a whole bunch done to ship them to you, or do you want some to get started early? Not that I'll ship them one at a time, mind you...
  6. I've only been back on this board for two weeks' date=' and even [i']I[/i] should have seen that coming...
  7. You know, there was a time when this was my nightmare, but at this point I almost think it would be a relief. That way, I could hold to whatever I personally think fits best within the story, with no regard to any arguments, theories, or statements made by RJ himself. I know what I think, and I like how it fits with what I've read, and I have no desire to hold my thoughts up to ridicule. It's kinda like the whole "who killed Adeleas" question. I found the resolution of that plot thread to be a bit anticlimactic. On that particular mystery I didn't really have a personal theory, but several of the ones floating around were far more resonant to me than the resolution in KoD turned out to be, and I was disappointed. If this one is left unresolved, I don't think I'd complain. *ducks out of the way of rotten vegetables flying at face*
  8. I'm aware, but it seemed too relevant to this particular discussion to have not come up on this thread yet. Sorry to be redundant and repetitive.
  9. Hear, hear, Jaric! What I'm suprised by is the fact that no one has brought up the parallels between the 'Finns and european Faerie folklore, aside from BrainFireBob's reference to cold iron. Call me silly (and I am), but after the first time I read "Courage to strengthen, iron to bind, music to dazzle, and fire to blind," all I could think about was Terry Pratchett's Lords and Ladies, which is technically a piece of humorous fiction, but is still chock full of actual legends. When dealing with the fair folk, humans are always at a disadvantage. But only iron will kill them, music enchants them, and bright light blinds them. Oh, and apologies if this is poorly written, but I am well into a bottle of my brother's excellent mead, and I've become quite a lightweight since I became a mom.
  10. I'd be suprised to find a pregnant woman, even one with a wanted pregnancy in a happy, stable relationship, who's never thought or said something along these lines. Not that you really mean it, it's just hard not to go to that place when your hormones are all over the place and there's a bowling ball sitting on your pelvis. If you've been there, you understand.
  11. I can't believe I just read the whole thread. I feel dirty.
  12. Even better is when Mat goes in to Rhuidean and the Wise Ones ask he and Rand to leave their weapons behind. I love the image of Mat pulling out knife after knife. And even the Aiel are impressed...
  13. Silly. No, it's Jacob
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