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  1. I pray we wont have to wait past october of 2007. Anyone have an educated guess? Factoring in delays due to his health issues.
  2. I hope so too... but realistically I think It'll be a WHILE. Daenarys was the previous sample and it was up for the last year at least. you never know though.
  3. Im not sure I understand your problem with the mature content in the book(s) Are you ashamed of the natural processes of the human form? Heres a link to the sample chapter GrrM released on monday... ...From A Dance with Dragons ___Tyrion___
  4. I really hope its 2000+ but It'll probably only be around 1250 I mean the cost of printing a book much larger than 1000+ can get up there.
  5. If I hadnt already finished The Dark Tower, I might be more than a little upset of that unmarked spoiler. But... A wheel is a circle, and a circle will bring you back to where you started.
  6. that sample chapter has been up there for almost a year now. I check www.georgerrmartin.com weekly.
  7. Peoples expectations are often resposible for there ability or inability to enjoy a book. I picked up the series a few months after Winters heart came out. Then the next book comes out and I'm left wanting...I wait two more years and then Knife of Dreams comes out. It's outstanding and full of action. Yet I finish it and I have the same feeling I did after Crossroads. Wanting. The build up two years from now is going to be HUGE. I'll time it right and read all the books again in time to finally finish the tale. Ive read it three times already, but I KNOW that this next one will be the be
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