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  1. This is exactly who I thought of. I like how these women are a TINY bit older and have the ageless look. Are they 39 or 59? Love the casting so far, especially Rand and Matt.
  2. An absolutely stellar piece, thank you! I am in agreement with the whole Thom/Moiraine romance being axed, it never made sense. For me, the cutting room floor is going to be a lot of books 5 to about 9. There was so much fluff about Perrin and White Tower intrigue that it needs to be severely cut down. There might be one season of TV show in books 6-8. I still enjoyed them as reads but as the meme goes, wasn't the highlight of one book Elayne taking a bath. Speaking of Elayne in the bath, I hope that is one of the moments that turn this into a TV-MA title. It isn't a gruesome and sex-filled series of books, but I always thought Jordan wanted us to understand the details of battle. In terms of using the One Power, I think he time and time again tried to use that as a parallel to today's version of war. Thank you again for the article, this could have been printed in the mass media like Variety and it would hold up.
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