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  1. 2nd: Graendal - as for the reasons Smeebit mentioned 1st: Mat - but only with these girly pink ribbons 🤩
  2. If I remember correctly, he ruled this option out. Anyway, I will judge the ending of SoIaF only after I read it and as these books are not yet written, there is nothing to judge about. I personally regard the TV series (GoT) as different kind of work and thus believe that readers might find many similarities but also many differences between the endings of both stories.
  3. With this reasoning, the Dark One would gladly welcome you to team shadow. The end does not generally justify the means.
  4. Das freut mich - Deinen Text habe ich prima verstanden ? ! I have been to South Africa / Cape Town once and I absolutely loved it - please say hello to your wonderful country on my behalf! All the best and Gute Nacht ? ?
  5. Well, the power issue is the reasoning of Lews to end the relationship - how much of this is true, how much of this is just made up to look better in front of friends, the new partner, the public, who knows? On the other side, Lanfear did not seem to accept Lews emding the relationship and started (?) to stalk him. All in all, I am sure it was maybe a passionate, but toxic relationship. However, it is finally all assumption as this is never really written about in the books, but although the topic is not too crucial for the story development, I would have liked to explore it a bit more, exactly because of this: And quite a lot of them detested him so much that they were ready to leave their ideals behind and pledge their souls to the shadow... What must have happened that drives not only one, but several people to such a decision? In my believe the evil doings were far more evenly distributed among the acting cast, than widely acknowledged, but as it is never truely explored in the books, this opinion could also result from my strong liking of most of the forsaken (strictly literarily - I detest this behaviour (and much less) in real life!). There are some dark grey shades in Rand's / Lew's character which distinguish him from his fellows in the light. For me, this has always been one of the reasons why I enjoyed Rand's story arcs much more than for example Perrin's or Mat's.
  6. Yes, that intrigued me as well. For me, Rand calling Moridin by his birth name and anyhow the whole style of their later conversations were kind of a proof of a closer relationship during "better" times, of which I would have been very interested to know more. Taking into account that Lanfear was actually Rand's (Lew's) ex-girlfriend it would have been rather strange if he would not have called her by her first name. However, as we know that there are usually both partners responsible to a certain extend if a rekationship fails, the reasoning of why Lews dropped off Lanfear was always a bit "onesided" for me.
  7. Fantastic epilogue, Zorlon, I like it very much! As much as I like the WOT, as much I have issues with the fact that the good guys always win, achieve their plans (cleaning Saidin, find & use Eye of the World / Bowl of Winds, etc.), never die, defeat the villains etc... to an extend that I thought about founding a virtual support group for literalily disadvantaged forsaken… ( I always suspected that the forsaken were forced by the author to act less competent than they really could have, so that the good guys were able to win (sounds crazy, I know, but actually I kind of liked this club of lost people a lot)). This version of an epilogue would have reconciled me a bit with this particular WOT issue, especially imaging how the Dark One must amuse himself about this development in his renovated prison.
  8. Dear all, thank you very much for your warm welcome! I will check out the clubs as you proposed and I am looking forward to meeting WOT fans from all over the world and chat about WOT and other topics of interest. Thank you and take care Terova PS: I am from a small town near Heidelberg / Germany ?
  9. Hello fellow WOT - Fans, I just would like to shortly introduce myself to you: Since 1998 I am a big fan of WOT and a dedicated reader of the series! Parts of the books I already re-read countless times and others (honestly) just once depending on my personal liking. Like many of you, I endured years of waiting for new books and while doing so waisting my time (in a positive way) by reading weird, fantastic or finally true theories. I was very very sad when RJ fell ill and unfortunately died and although I am greatful that Brandon Sanderson took up the challenge and finished the books, I still would have preferred to read solely RJ's Version of the story. So, as I am flying around the WOT universe since decades, I of course read the forums on the usual pages like Dragonmount or Theoryland for years, however, I never participated actively. I am not really sure why this changed now, however, from time to time I will be happy to share some of my thoughts / opinions whatever with you. Maybe this is due to my excitement towards the TV series as well as the fact that the WOT internet community in my home country (I am from Europe) is unfortunately nearly dead :-(. So, see you around and take care, Terova
  10. 1. I don't like Faile. Lovestory with Perrin was still okaish, however the whole "Rescue from the Shaido" story got just toooo much pages, especially as it's meaning for the overall story was quite insignificant. 2. Gawyn was a complete waste of a character. 3. If the whole Sea Folk Story arc would have been choped down by 80%, WOT still would be as good (even better). 4. I absolutely adore Elayne and I hope that she will be the one who finally ends up with Rand. Yes. 5. Lan should have died during / after his combat with Demandred. Main point: All in all I quite like the Aiel and I understand reasons for their cultural harshness, however, I do not buy into this whole Da'covale thing. For me, this is just torturing defenseless people. There is no justification for this behaviour especially as trials in any kind do not seem to exist and in my opinion treating their prisoners as described does not distinguish these people from any of the darkfriends.
  11. I think somebody already mentioned it - the scene I loved most by far in the whole books is the one in which Moraine tells the Edmonds Field folks about the "Fall of Manetheren". It is so short, but I don't know, somehow this text touched my heart. I re-read it countless times. 2nd scene I love most is the one in which Rand & Moridin were sitting in front of the strange chimeny and having their chat about live, times, creators, dark ones and so on. As often in fantasy stories (not in real life though!) I favor the villains as they are usually more interestingly written than the heroes. This is not the case for each and every villain in WOT, but for me Ishy/Moridin was actually next to Rand the most intersting character in the whole series and this POV gave an opportunity to get to know him a bit better. 3rd scene: TEOTW - prologue - intriguing start of the whole story Other scenes which were awsome were already mentioned as Tam/Rand's walk to Edmonds Field in the middle of the night at the very beginning of the story, Rand getting to know Tam, Dumai's Wells, The Cleansing, The last thing that could be done, Veins of Gold... Unfortunatly - but this is just my personal taste - Memory of Light could not provide a scene matching the ones already mentioned which was a bit disappointing to me. But well, the are so many more WOT books, that I survived it.
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