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  1. Thank you Jason! Much appreciated!
  2. Even though it's not very relevant for the plot I secretly hope we'll see some short flashbacks to the age of legends and that we get to see a glimpse of what the world looked like back then. The glory days so to speak. I would also like to see Manetheren(see Ellisande die maybe) and Malkier in its glory days. As far as homosexuality goes, I think we'll get to see some "pillow friends", some ladies of the Red and Black ajah is my best guess.
  3. I agree I might have over-simplified their story. Indeed in the end he does go to Rand, which is the most important thing. There's something unsympathetic about her in my opinion, I don't know why exactly but it has felt that way from the start.
  4. It seems Faile has no goals but her own ego, her life evolves around her and her needs and desires and she drags Perrin into that, the vibe you get is that their storyline is all about the two of hem. I don't like it, not in real life either. There's a whole world to heal and real love is bigger than this.
  5. Kat Dennings is a beauty and great actress too, in this case with contacts perhaps she would look/feel right. (not laughing?) Who wouldn't want to see Cavill....I sure hope he'll get some part in the series. He's handsome, a good actor and there's this sense of chivalry about him, something a bit epic. Tom H is younger but as far as acting goes, both him and Anthony are great for the part of our betrayer of hope imo. I get the age thing, but still rather a credible actor who's older than a younger one who doesn't have the gravitas. We should make some polls haha and
  6. I don't like the Perrin and Faile story. I'm not that fond of Tuon. I would've liked to have seen Moiraine return to the story earlier. Nynaeve has always been my favourite character. I agree on the reversed balefire, that seemed to come out of nothing.
  7. Hi all!, I haven't been back here since 2005 I believe. I couldn't log on anymore so I created a new account. I've been re-reading the books recently and I'm excited about the upcoming TV series. WoT remains my fav book series ever. Currently exploring the DM forums. Wishing everyone a great day! xo
  8. I believe Lana Parilla could make a good Lanfear
  9. Love both actors and yes you're right Anthony Hopkins could be great until Moridin gets into the picture
  10. Maybe Joe Manganiello as Logain.
  11. True DragonFairy....but he has been working on other projects too the past two years. The hiatus between filming the last and current season was 7 months. He could fit in WOT imo. The age is a problem indeed. I always felt Jodie Foster would make a great Moiraine. Rosamund is a good actress too though.
  12. I’d like to see Sam Heughan as Rand. He has the hight, the looks and the skills. Might be a bit too old but I believe he has the gravitas to play the role.
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