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  1. me and my daughter destroyer of books! got 2 chapters left in book 6 and she threw my book in the bath !!!! its drying out as i type this http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l12/michelleice/bazilcute1.jpg
  2. LOL i had 31 sheep like last year to clean me parks after my horses! and i aint no chav! liven in kent now seen more chavs here that up in aberdeenshire :P
  3. im new so i though i would post my picture for you all to laugh at!
  4. omg!so many replies. thank all who have posted and yes im a girl :) wow ill have a look around but as for joining groups ill have to check you all out first :) your all so nice so it will be hard :) hope to talk to you all more often Maiden
  5. Hi there, Im new to this site (found through a elfwood search artist is Joni warden) I myself am on book 6 Lord of Chaos and i must say i love the books i cant put them down! some times staying up half the night because i cant find a place to stop and put it down :) My partner real all and is waiting for the latest book to come out in 2009? i think was said he cant wait Dunno what much to write to be honest so ill close on nice to meet you all :) Maiden xx
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