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  1. that would be horrible..why is 'Flame of Tar Valon' 'BS' but Asha'man ok? its cant be because...wait..she's a girl?? She had THE BEST 'I'm going out like a MFING CHAMP ending in the entire book. She WAS the Amyrlin Seat in all it's Glory. Her battle with Taim will DRIVE the show. its going to be 2020 this will resonate incredibly with fans.
  2. the CGI use on GOT was horrid and they had a HUGE budget. This is my biggest concern. They didn't want to show Ghost because of 'budget constraints'. the show 'Heroes' did a great job on a nickel and dime budget-actually one of the kids from 'Ryan vs Dorkman' vids got a job there because of those videos. we can agree to disagree, GRRM is too long winded ( I think because he is a long-suffering Mets/Jets fan like me) ,we don't need 3 pages of the food they're eating-I do want to try lamprey pie though.
  3. *waves* I'm soo happy this is become a reality, I first picked up Eye of the world as a sophomore in HS (1990) and was hooked since!!! while everyone is quick to compare this to GOT, I find it insulting. WoT should be compared to Tolkien not the crap that is GOT. I own all the novels in hardcover and Audio book I've read the series at least 4 times and listen a few others-actually just finished them again. This TV series will -if done well-resonate with us today because of the GREAT female characters throughout the series. I think Hollywood needs MORE female antagonists they just make better 'bad guys-er girls' I just hope the PC police don't overuse the feminist agenda-there is no need if WoT is captured correctly, each woman stands on her own merits, if this is made well-I foress LOTS of girls named Egwane (easily the BEST 'Im going out like a bloody QUEEN moment -EVER). Many named their kids 'Calisi' (I bet a BUNCH of parents are pissed on that decision)? I'm just not sure Amazon has the budget to pull this off, the last battle alone will be incredible to put on the screen without heavy CGI. How are they going to show weaves? The one power? Are women going to glow all the time? some of the best parts of the books are the PoV from various characters.
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