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  1. Thanks all! Replies are still welcome, but the Black Tower looks like the Org for me! Can you join multiple Orgs? I would join the Illuminators but I may just be the most untalented person ever. Boo hoo. As for what languages I know, I took a couple of Java classes at a local community college and I know some modest HTML, but my programmer status is as I said before - wannabe. I'm still okay though, since I'm only a senior in high school, so I still have some time before I can be expected to actually know something useful. :)
  2. I don't suppose there's an organization for wannabe computer programmers? Btw, I tried to add an avatar, but when I went to the gallery nothing showed up . . . I also don't suppose I can upload my own avatar?
  3. A little dramatic perhaps, but thanks for looking at my topic. I discovered the Wheel of Time about 4 years ago when I started high school but I stopped being interested around book 5. I started over and re-read the series a while ago and I stayed fascinated all the way through, and decided I wanted to be more involved in the WoT community. I've just joined DragonMount, so I need some help getting around the site. The only forum I'm used to posting on is GameFaqs (a site devoted to video games for those who don't know), and the community there is . . . different. Anyways, I need some suggestions about what to do now that I'm a proud member of the DragonMount community. I've heard mention of Organizations that I can join. How do I do so, which one should I join, and what do I do once I'm in one? Sorry 'bout the wall o' text, and thanks for your time!
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