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  1. I hope they show it a bit but you dont need to be graphic about it. Just show that it happens and move on.
  2. They should release a few at first so people could decide if they want to stay with it then do weekly from there. Either way I don't really care as long as it's good and as long as it's somewhat popular so they don't have to cancel it right away.
  3. I think overall just the scale of it can be difficult. It's a sweeping epic and in general that hasn't been done very well in the past aside from a couple times. I think the power can be done effectively like Dr. Strange and that'll be fine. The inner dialogue I think can be fine with a good script and good facial actors. I don't know I'm just rooting for the best.
  4. I actually didn't read the books but if the writing was on par with the first four seasons of GOT then GRRM is among the top tier for sure.
  5. I think it outta be mature. I've only read through the first 3 again so far (read all of them in high school over a decade ago) and I feel it needs to be mature. There's no many sex scenes or anything but there's plenty of nudity and violence and I feel both should be in the show. The nudity aspects showcases the innocence of the three rivers folk and the violence is necessary imo and should be shown to the full extent.
  6. Looks good. Not sure I pictured Lan being Asian but it did seem like some of the borderlanders were or something so I'm good. I just hope he's a good actor. He looks familiar but I don't remember him in anything.
  7. I've only read the first two so far but it doesn't seem overly dark. I hope your right though as I'd rather it be mature than young adultish. It doesn't have to be smut obviously lol but when I think of times with swords and such I think of a gritty way of living. Obviously its fantasy but it's based somewhat on reality and back in them days if you lived to 40 you were the exception. Things moved quicker because you didnt have as much time. I dont know what I'm rambling about I just hope its good.
  8. I don't see the need to throw in a bunch of sex things that weren't there because you can already satisfy those who want the stuff with nudity. The nudity most people point to in GOT is just Danyres getting naked. It's not the random brothel scenes and such. Just have some pretty actresses and when it's time for them to get naked do so. You don't need crazy sex scenes just show it how it was in the books.
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