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  1. I am a bit disheartened by the choice of Pike, while she is a great actress she is both the wrong look and presence for Moiraine. Moiraine is supposed to be 5'2" while Pike is 5'9". Height is a major factor in WoT nationalities and this just makes me suspicious of other Casting choices. Pike's voice is far too deep and while she is attractive no one would call her a little doll as Moiraine was when a novice. Pike plays confrontational, angry and emotional roles all of which are in exact opposition to Moiraines questioning, calm and emotionless attitude. Finally, she does not have any experience with special effect acting, Moiraine will spend entire episodes with only a green screen and Lan. I feel like this decision was made for funding because now they can sell it based on her star power. This derailed my hype train and moving forward I will keep anticipation in reserve. How do you feel about her casting?
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