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  1. I am not sure they cut any Forsaken to be honest. They really are not all around at the same time necessarily and almost all of them play important roles. I like your list but they are almost all characters that will be fun on screen. I read that the budget for each episode is actually larger than GoT so I suspect they may not cut as much as we think as much as just streamline the story progression. I mean there were like 20 main characters in GOT at least as well, and additional characters sort of adds depth to the show even if they are not seen that much. Big question for me sort of remains how "adult" will it be.
  2. Replace Lanfear? I would think her role would be expanded if anything in the story
  3. Some truth to that, though in the end Aviendah is softer than Elayne
  4. Five episodes for all of EoTW. I dont think so. As much happens in EoTW as the first book of GoT
  5. I think it is a function of the medium. Ultimately, as an example Rosamund will bring certain sensibilities and characteristics to Moiraine that are not exactly the same as the character in the books. So that character might not handle certain cannon-based situations exactly the same as book Moiraine, so you make a slight tweak to that scene. And necessary cuts or changes creates dynamics that are not in the book at all, and that changes things further. Sticking with Moiraine, she will have a higher focus in season 1, there is a good chance her spot on the sexuality spectrum is mad more apparent, very good chance she doesnt go through the doorway or if she does is rescued pretty quickly (like beginning of the next season). Will they keep Lanfear around and not resurrect her into Cyndane? I could make a compelling argument for that Taim will likely be Demandred as originally intended. I suspect we get Min, Elayne and Aviendha, but one of them will have the best chemistry with the actor playing Rand so will be more focused on her. Fain will likely have a larger role. Siuan as well and possibly Elyas. Luc/Issam will likely be entirely cut. And on and on.... All these things will quickly change the characters situation and ultimately the overall plot. And that means going to where the show organically should go to.
  6. This may be controversial, but I think GoT ultimately taught us a strong lesson. After 4 or 5 seasons the characters in GoT were different than the book characters and they were in different situations. All of the decisions to get to that point made sense. But then, they spent the last couple seasons trying to fit those characters into the outline of an ending that matched the books. And it did not work. AT ALL Bran in the series was one of the dullest "stories" in the series, yet he winds up as King. That was not true to the characters in the series. John's heritage was shoehorned in and was a total MacGuffin. In the TV show, Sansa or Arya should have wound up on the Iron Throne. It would have made the most sense narratively. The show needed to stay true to the characters as they had become on the show, and not even try to follow the narrative from the books. The same thing will happen with the WOT TV show. The writing and actors will bring new elements to the characters, and a couple seasons in will be distinct from their book counterparts, and as the seasons go on they will become more or less "inspired" by the books. Because of this, I think the TV show can really only closely follow the books for maybe two or three seasons and then will need to start going their own direction while still hitting some of the main "events" of the books, but getting there differently. At some point the show will need to be more true to the show than the books. A few years ago I would have said differently, but then we wound up with Seasons 6, 7 and 8 of GoT.
  7. All that is true, but Thom early on is the "protector" of the kids from the evil Aes Sedai and especially to prevent gentling of Rand. That is very thematically important. Plus he is the vehicle of humor in the books to some extent, but that could be greatly expanded in the bools. I think Thom is actually the character (other than Fain) to be expanded in the books and I could actually see this as sort of a feature role for a known actor, probably a comedic one that wants more of a serious role in a big event show like this.
  8. I agree. I very much want Min in the series, it was just a (hopefully wrong) impression that I had.
  9. Re: cutting Min. Just a preponderence of little things. Rafe as far as I can recall has never mentioned her, plus San Derson has hinted at some big changes, and from Rafes comments it seems Egwene, Nynaeve, *Aviendha, Elayne are all in so I am not sure what other "major" character could be cut? As much as I am not a huge fan, I don't think they'd cur Perrin. In terms of pillow friends, it would totally make sense for Avi to be bisexual, and a realistic relationship with Elayne could grow out of that.
  10. I get a feeling they are cutting Min. I hope not but we will see. TBH they were all close enough in the books that Polyamorous wouldnt really be that big of a stretch.
  11. Sex sells, though I dont think it will be raunchy like GOT.
  12. I guess I just dont see from a narrative standpoint why Season 1 will be weaker. As a comparison it would be way more exciting than the first season of GOT, and it introduces many key elements and characters and the end is phenomenally exciting. i suspect they may incorporate the first few chapters of Book 2 as well and end with the start of the hunt. So maybe 8 episodes for EoTW and 2 for Great Hunt
  13. Not sure I would agree with your sentiments. For many, Perrin's side journey in EoTW is a favorite part of the series. I do agree Jordan's "style" got better later, but EoTW is still in the very top of the books for me. The last 200 pages or so are amazing. In terms of the sex, having a higher degree of nudity and sex outside of the Two Rivers clan can reinforce their backwardness. The casting listings for the parts in WOT do list nudity as a requirement even for the major parts so we are definitely getting an R rated WOT, just depends on how hard.
  14. I think Fain's role will be expanded significantly. I think it will have a good amount of nudity and sexual situations but not be crude. I think they won't shy away from Graendal when they get there. Elaida's role should also be enhanced. Siuan will be of color. I have this weird feeling that unlike the article above they may skip the wolves and wolf brother thing altogether, or relegate it just to Elyas. Not sure why but when I read Brandon Sanderson's comments I got the feeling Perrin could be cut entirely.
  15. She never ever even remotely came across as Asian to me. In fact she mostly came across as French. Pike looks very much like I have always pictured her.
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