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  1. I think it is Aviendha. She hates Asmodean and of course is an aiel. Asmodean himself knows Aviendha, explaining he recognised his killer. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, but I think it is Aviendha who found out who Asmodean is. (I guess she found out during the fight in Caemlin, and she doesn't want to take any risk)
  2. I would say Nynaeve. I like the way she kicks bum! Second choice would be Moiraine, I feel bad for her Rand hated her untill it was too late :(
  3. Hiya. I have seen threads about movies. I would looooove to see that happen as well. Though I would prefer a series to prevent getting the same effect as Eragon. Stuff a whole story in 90 minutes. So...... IF the story is getting filmed... What would you say? Where would it have to be shot according to you? What has definatly gotta be in, and what can be left out (little stuff) And all that sorta stuff.
  4. I just created this account so sorry to bust in like this but this is the way I see it. I think the actor and actresses for the movies/series would be best if it were unknown actors. Unknown doesn't neceserily mean bad ones. Orlando Bloom finished actors school just before he got his role in the Lord of the Rings. Every time there is a movie of a certain story, for example the War of the Worlds. The movie, for me, fades away because of Tom Cruise. He is TOO famous. He is Mission Impossible. For me, he is Ethan Hunt, not Ray Ferrier. If you use all those actors for the Wheel of Time, somehow you connect them to their famous storymovies. For ex. If I would see Hayden Christensen as Rand, I would connect him to Anakin. Also, there are many parts. In the first part they are mere farmboys. Not really experience demanding roles for neither of the characters. Their experience would grow in the making of the film, which would be both real life as the story. So, if you ask me: Use unknown people to play the role, don't use famous actors, they will become the fa<e of the movie, not the story.
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