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  1. Good day everyone, i am not sure of where to post this, so i am putting it in the introduction section, i apologise if im doing this wrong. like you i have read a large part of the wheel of time series and am very much enjoying the read (have not yet finished, please no spoilers). now for the reason i am posting here today: i am a bartender and i use a tool called a 'barblade' on a regular basis to open bottles quickly. and i have recently lost my trusty 'vorpalblade' (first image), i use the enrgaving to make sure my colleagues know whose barblade it is. now i have already bought another barblade and i was looking for another fun image to have engraved onto it, and then it hit me: HERON MARK! must have heron mark engraved upon this barblade! because of all the reasons! so i went to look for a heron mark image and i found the beatifull heron mark as shown on the replica blade (second image), however the engraver is having trouble using that image to engrave. the engraver needs an image more alike to the ship wheel below (third image). now i am not particularly skilled in this thing called the internet and i do not have the technical vocabulary to reign supreme at google searches, yet i have tried and failed to find that beautifull heron mark in a style more like the shipwheel image. and now i turn to you, my fellow wheel of time readers, does anyone of you have the heron mark in the shipwheel style locked in a vault somewhere? or do any of you know where (and how) to find such an image? if so would you be willing to help me in finding this image? thank you for taking the time to read this post. kind regards, Barblademaster
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