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  1. Maybe it's just me but Willaume looks more like he should be cast as one of the forsaken (or one of the commanders, Bryne or Bornhald maybe?), not so much the kindly old gleeman. (I'm imagining how this guy will look in Thom's signature mustache!) I was very curious who would get his role, it can't be easy to cast Thom's character. I'm not very familiar with his work so maybe I'm putting too much on outward appearances but I really like the rest of the cast so far! Keeping fingers crossed, Thom is one of my favorites!
  2. Excellent actor, however he's going to have to overcome the 'bad guy' stigma from GOT fans. Much more so because Tam has always been a warm father figure who does the right thing and is a major element to Rand's development. Side note: he's perfect for that low-key blademaster!
  3. Can I have Jeff Bridges as Elyas? Please???
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