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  1. Recently rereading The Dragon Reborn, I was so amused by the unnerving atmosphere on the Snow Goose just because Moirane was uphappy about them knowing she's Aes Sedai. Now in this clip, Mistress Al'vere directly named her "Moiraine Sedai"....wow, I can't wait to see how she turns the whole village upside down...just kidding! What really interests me is the interaction between Moiraine and Nynaeve...
  2. Wow thank you! Btw, when I read the first three volumes of WoT I think modern Aes Sedai are really powerful. But facing the Forsakens and compared to ancient Aes Sedai, they are so powerless, so weak.... Human after all.
  3. Curiously, this One-weave Healing reminds me of Chinese acupuncture: one tool, seemingly non-sense, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. After years of practice, one may still be a novice; after years of study we still don't quite understand it. However, if we accept the basic concepts of qi (energy of life, which is also describe as a "flow"), we can see that there do be a theory behind it. Maybe RJ did the same when he was thinking over about the Healing. 🙂
  4. Oh why? Could you explain it furthur? To me Healing is really like magic in Harry Potter, it just happens. No physical explication.
  5. Thank you! (In China we have a saying for people like Nynaeve: She's eaten gunpowder. lol oh but I like her so much. )
  6. Hi guys, I'm a Chinese reader of WoT & I just starti to read the English version. Pls forgive me if someone has asked this question before. We know that Nynave is unable to channel unless extremly angry. But Verin and other Aes Sedai said she has already channeled before entering the Tower. She has done so in healing people back at Emond's Field. - So that's my question : Does it mean she always got vexed in front of her patients? That looks a little extragerate even for a Wisdom. Even for Nynaeve. The only possible answer that I can imagine is: She was angry about herself, for unable to heal with her herbs soon enough, well enough. But still, that feels awkward... I don't know if there's sth wrong about the Chinese translation I read, or it's about the figure of Nynaeve herself. Sometimes it seems she fusses for nothing... I just can't see why she's angry, though I like her enough...
  7. Picture 4: First I thought the red-coat figure with long hair is Egwene. Then I realized the horse she/he's riding doesn't look like our dearest shaggy mare, Bela. But wait...why so "meticulous" with concept art ??? These pics are magnificient and that's all we need!
  8. Thank you for sharing the show! So much fun and so inspiring O(∩_∩)O
  9. Thrilled. To see legends come alive before my eyes. ToT
  10. Rather confused. Maybe a lute is better than this...ukulele ? Yet both seem too "modern", I always imagine Thom as a medieval minstrel, not an indie-music artist.
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