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  1. I thought about that too. Maybe it'd have been expanded upon on the Tam prequel.
  2. Not only that, that list could predate the publication of TEOTW and Jordan could've changed his mind in the meantime. In that list there's a blue eyed actress to play Nynaeve and a blonde actor to play Perrin. Yet Jordan wrote (and published in its final form) that NOBODY in the Two Rivers had light eyes and that Ms Grimwell was the first blonde person Rand encountered in HIS ENTIRE LIFE. Jordan did change stuff on previous books when there were mistakes (like Kari al'Thor's apparition conjured by Ishamael having dark eyes, which could totally be justified with Ishamael not actually knowing what she looked like, or Jain Fairstrider having disappeared in 994NE in the Glossary when the text says it's been about 2 decades) or when he just wanted to change things (like Alsbet/Elsbet). Here's a link with a few examples http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/main/errata.html Yet he never changed those parts that contradict the supposed casting list. So what's wrong, the list (if the list is actually true or was useful to Jordan at all) or the printed words in our official versions of books?
  3. Agreeing with you. Morgase says she wouldn't believe Rand was from the Two Rivers, except for his accent. How would the 40-50 year old Morgase know how a Two Rivers accent is except if, you know, met one person from there?
  4. I don't know, I can buy it. In Brazil (where I live) there are small villages that haven't received a new wave of immigration since the 1600s. Most of the people in these villages look like a mix of the 3 main Brazilian races (Portuguese, Africans and Native Brazilians), but sometimes you see people who look more like one than the others. So you see full Black, full Native and full Portuguese looking people in small villages in the middle of the Northeastern region, sometimes in the same family! My wife and one of her sisters look like full blooded Native Brazilians even though the last Native in the genealogy tree was like, 200 years ago, and even though she's only 20% Native according to a genetic test we did for fun (23andme).
  5. Just quoting this to say that some part of fandom did react very badly, but I'm proud how the other part of fandom is slowly being aware that the text actually supports the nonwhite Two Rivers cast.
  6. There's a problem with that Robert Jordan list of actors. In the Eye of the World chapter 31 Rand remarks that he has never seen a person with yellow hair (blonde) in his life before he met Ms Grinwell, Else Grinwell's mother. The list puts Val Kilmer as Perrin. I don't know if you noticed, but Val Kilmer is blonde. If Jordan was casting whoever he wanted in his head, why write that Rand had never met a blonde person in his life and then cast a blonde actor to play Perrin, one of his closest friends? The list also has Jacqueline Bisset playing Nynaeve. Rand remarks in chapter 2, when he meets Thom, how unusual it's to see two people with blue eyes in the same day (Lan and Thom). Everybody in the Two Rivers had dark eyes, according to Rand, with him being the exception and having been bullied before due to it (by Congars and Coplins). Jacqueline Bisset has blue eyes. Again, is that list true or not? Lots of inconsistencies with the books. So, is that list true or not?
  7. I imagine them to be like this picture of the Tunisian soccer team. Notice that redhead in the middle? Tunisian. His name is Fakhredine Ben Youssef. If you ask any European they'll say that it's very easy to differentiate Tunisians or other North Africans, on average, from Europeans. But sometimes you have someone like Ben Youssef there. Anyway, I doubt the casting this time will go this way, with people who look North African as the Two Rivers people. They'll not even cast people with Southern European ancestry, like Italian Americans. They'll probably cast people from England to make the show familiar, even though the text doesn't support it that much once you get down to it.
  8. I wonder if they'll keep the part about Two Rivers people not being lily-white, race-wise. I mean, Rand says he's surprised to see someone with blonde hair for the first time in his life when he meets Else Grimwell's mother. And some people bullied him because he had grey eyes, which only peddlers or other foreigners had, no Two Rivers person had that. I wonder how the fandom will react to having lots of Latinos or Middle Easterners for the main cast, for example (not Rand, since he's clearly a foreigners, but basically everyone else in the Two Rivers).
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