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  1. How about not putting Egwene in her place time and time again.... no this isn't a sexist thing... its an Egwene needed to have her head knocked in thing..... no Im not a sexist pig..... example? Rand goes to TV to tell her about the seals, she tells him that she's going to hold him, he simply tells her she isn't. Sorry no.... He knows he's to die to save her and the rest of their sorry rears, and she thinks at this late date to control him. Always pushing him where she thinks he should be, with no thought to the fact that he's the one of the wheel, the one of prophecy... and he's supposed to let himself be pushed around by a trumped up willful girl???? Granted in this instance he used her own nature against her letting her gather the armies, since he knew she would stand against him and try to force his h and, by talking or violence if necessary. The utter hubris of the character is beyond stupidity, and Rand never telling her to simply go jump in Dragonmount, or if she didn't shut up he'd drop her there himself ALWAYS pissed me off. The fate of the world in the balance and some trumped up little girl thinks she's right and will force the flipping worlds savior to do her bidding because she wants him to. Sorry but Egwene is my most detested character of the series, and when this question popped up, well the above was my first thought, and only thought.
  2. Well if Taim and 400 channelers are left crystalized, and theres a new patch over a new weakness in the pattern, as said earlier, theres your next bore in a few thousand years. When the dark one is forgotten again, and Taim and the others are found, people will wonder about it, and some may try to undo what was done to them. Poof 400 dark channelers automatically in the world along with somsone who was already a lieutenant to the dark one anyway. Closing out one *last battle* and already the cycle for the next to be set at the same time (atleast it would be a good way to start things goin that way again) is an intersting way to show that the wheel simply continues on even with the last book. Could have made an interesting new set of books about rand land 10k years from amol and the dragon comming back again. But never will it be.
  3. didnt rj mention about two sets of outrigger trillogys or atleast set of books, one of them being about matt and tuon, but wouldnt say what the other set was to be? I do believe I remember reading about that from one of his interviews or book signings.... guess we now know what the 2nd outrigger was to be about now then. Rand would simply have to much to answer for right now if he was *still alive*.
  4. If anyone from the books was to be added to the heros of the horn my best guess would be Matt and Perrin since I dont think that either are actually a hero reborn. Matt maybe a hero as we have had things in past books that lead to to believe he is at the very least a high ranking general from Manetheren reborn, if not Aeomon himself. (Though since he was never I dentified by the heros like Rand was it would lead you to think neither of them are currently tied to the wheel.) (This may have been answered somewhere else that I'm not aware of, and if it was I appologize for not knowing if these two being tied/untied was finally cleaned up by rj at some point.) Jain was turned to the shadow (forcibly or not) for a good portion of his life, I would highly doubt those actions would bind him to the wheel as tightly as a hero, and Lan, has done nothing but play second fiddle to Mo, Rand, and Ny the entire series. Lan is a great character, and the last charge of the Mal's is a interesting story line, but Lan creating world shaking and pattern defining events...... helping Rand do it, yes.. himself.... nope.
  5. I've always taken the remnant of a remnant line to mean the beliefs of the Aiel rather than an amount of people or anything of that nature. In one of the books right after Rand reveals the past of the Aiel, I think he makes a comment about the Aiel and swords and it being the last remnant of the Jenn Aiel (might not have been Rand, wish I could remember the exact comment). Taking that with Aviendahs visions and what we know of the Dragon's Peace. It sure seems stripping of the belief of no swords yada yada will be somewhere in the future of the Aiel. Or maybe it will lead them back to being the Jenn Aiel eventually. So could be right about the giving up of the spears, but I think it has to be even more significant than that, it has to be something of the hold over from Jenn.
  6. I've always wanted to see Egwene bite the bullet and go out the way she has always been portrayed through the series. It's setup so well by Rand using exactly what she always does to bring everyong to the FoM. Shes right, everyone else is wrong, she has to prove that its her way or no way. Rand is the flippin savior of the world yet she thinks that she knows what he can and cant to. Rand leaves to break the seals, she tries to jump ahead of him thinking that he's gonna screw it up badly, and manages to get herself and a few thousand other people killed in a massive ambush by the Shadow. That is the way she SHOULD die.... but I highly doubt it will. It seems she is to be the counter point to Rand in the ying and yang motife of the books, so therefore as the heroine she has to do something heroic, or go out incredibly even though most of the series she has done virtually nothing to deserve it. Even what shes done to earn it was done the normal Egwene way (I'm right your wrong... oh wait you did the same thing I'm doing now... you were wrong then but since I"m doing it now its just fine). Every other female lead in the series has earned the right to whatever if any glorious ending is given, just not Egwene, yet she will most likely be the one to get the most glory no matter what. If she dies it will most likely be in the last massive assault against the shdow, or defending Tar Valon as Demandred's armies are released to attack from Shara or the Isle of Madmen by gateway behind the lines of Rands forces or the Seanchan. She rushes back with an underwhelming force, is about to be overrun by the Shadow as the Seanchan lead by Mat show up to defend TV and defeat the shadow, She'll die somewhere either right before the resuce or in some heroic moment at the end of the battle (saving Tuon and Mat maybe).
  7. A letter that I think that almost any wheel of time fan would wish to be able to deliver to the members of Team Jordan or even the man himself. Thank you Jason for putting together such an eloquent piece of writing that expresses yours and so many others respect and admiration of this series, the author himself, and the tireless work he and so many others have put in and gave up to bring to us one of the best (and I do not say this because this is dragonmount, but my favorite series of books bar none) stories ever told.
  8. true true..... but I dont reemmber seeing anywhere the WHY or HOW of why it maginfied the taint or lacks the buffer. Cad said there was a flaw in the creation I believe, but I dont remember ever seeing the why of it.... Thats where I was going with it, what if the flaw is that its also tapped into the other side (tp)
  9. What if a trap of the true power has nothing to do with what happended to Narishma. What if its the sword itself. When mins looking up the three will become one and she thinks theres something else, and cad agrees. The sword is dangerous because its not buffered against the taint, what if the sword is a tp sa'angreal. So the three become one is actually how Rand uses Callandor at TG, by turning the three powers against the DO. As narishma channeled at and around it as a male, maybe he tripped something in the sword itself. I dunno, just weird idea I had.
  10. What she thinks of him matters not one bit once he shows up for the horn and is named commander of the combined armies at this nations meet at the end of TofM. Oh I Know it hasnt happended yet, but Tuon knows what kind of commander he is.... Rand WILL bring the seanchan in, Matt will be the commander of that army, along with what elayne/rand/everyone else know about him, it seems inevitable. I really REALLY REALLY REALLY HOOOOOOOOOPE tha Matt will be the one to finally tell Edgwene to just shut up and get the hell out of the way. Rand should have done it last book, but Brandon didnt let him, it has to be done, hopefully its Matt.
  11. A friend of mine recommended this series to me not long before book 8 came out 2 years ago. I picked up gardens of the moon and never looked back.... well of course except to reread garden twice. This is an increible and complicated series. The one downside was mentioned above but not really truly pointed out. Any and virtually every character be they a general, slave, or farrier can and probably will wax poetic about something involving the human condition at sometime within these books, and when they do it will remind any WOT reader of RJ describing Elaynes dresses. Its much like WOT in that it has alot of characters in the begining that are following a few storylines, and eventually branches out to many more characters and many more storylines. Erickson also does a great job in these books with bringing out different sides of people and of nations, sometimes you'll see one person or gorup as villans and two books later they're heros, and your prospective wont have changed much. There is a warning to be had for the later books if you do not like...*strong* language as the fbomb and a few others are dropped several times in the last 5 books. If you want a new epic sereis and you havent read book of the fallen, go get Gardens of the moon, it drops ya off right in the middle of the war, and it will take you literally half the book to catch up, but its a fun read to catch up with. Please also note that even though the malazan book of the fallen has finished with book 10, there are companion books for this written by Ericksons friend and world co-creater Ian C. Esselmont. There will be 5 books in this part of the series and while its not a series itself, it fills in holes in book of the fallen. The first book called Night of Knives is about the night the Emporer and Dancer are assasintaed around 7 years before the opening of gardens of the moon. The second book is called Return of the Crimson Gaurd (you'll meet them in Gardens of the moon) and takes place aroud the time of book 7-8 of Fallen, on another continent. The 3rd book in this part of the series is due out in a month or so and its called Stonewielder. Also Erickson will be putting out 2 more trillogys set in the malazan world, the story of Kharkanas (sp? sorry dont reember how its spelled off the top of my head) and how the Andi and Mother Dark fell apart. After that from what I've heard will the story of the Toblaki. Excelent work, excelent books, excelent author... probably my third favorite author (behind R.A. salvatore and RJ, and since this is a WOT sight I refuse to answer in what order they come heh)
  12. If you intend to and have not read The Crippled God by Steven Erickson (final book in the series) be warned there may be spoilers ahead... Today I finished the final book in Steven Erickson's Malazan book of the Fallen series (its a 10 book epic fantasy series that if you enjoy wot you really should read, just be warned though, as quick as rj was to describe Elaynes clothing, or nyns intricate hair tugs, s.e. characers are just as quick to wax romantic about the human condition be they a 300,000 year old walking skeleton or a 12 year old girl.). The book itself while a justfiable conclusion to the series, and in itself not a bad book, left a bad taste in my mouth with its ending in that it just... well.. ended. There wasn't anything much after the final battle, a little, but not much. There are SO MANY characters in the series, and it just ends basically right after the battle with a few, a very few glimpses at some of the characters, and one glimpse of who basically became the central character to the story (Fiddler) when hes an old man, and even then not very satisfying in what it gave us. Now there is a seperate part to this, another author is doing other books that sort of paralel these books, and theres 3 more to come, so theres a chance that some of the characters that did not die at the end of TCG may make appearances (lets compare this with the possible outrigger novels about matt/tuon that rj and brandon have elluded to). So after having read this, it got me to thinking about AMOL, and what I wanted to see from that. I'm not gonna guess here about who does what, except that in the end the light wins.... somehow... DO killed, resealed, whatever, I dont think that he'll win.... but does the book just end there with maybe 3 pages at the very end about the aftermath. I truly hope that it doesnt end that way, that the epilogue is a true sendoff for the series, maybe the final chapter ends with do's death or rand dieing, or some other climatic moment. The epilogue the gives you a glimpse of the chars a month or a year or 5 years down the road.... yes yes i know lotr... but I personally really hate when a series gives you virtually nothing after the huge climax, I really loved the malazan series, and I feal let down a bit with the ending. I'd hate to feal the same thing with my other favorite epic series and have AMOL end with and the dark one died and it was good.... So what do you think? Abrupt ending or with very little about the aftermath, or should there be a 10-20 page epi talkin about what happens after, maybe something like the closing pages to Loial's book or something such?
  13. I would dissagree with matt being a direct descendant of Aemon, but agree that he is Aemon reborn, Perrin may be someone reborn, but even though they're reborn it doesnt mean their tied to the wheel as a hero of it, everyone is spun out as someone new again and again. Ishy and Mog both know this, now its possible Ishy is one of the heros tied to the horn, but they're simply center points spun out to help the age lace correct itself. Mog's not but she knew about the heros being respun and I think she mentions as do others about people being spun out continuously. Maybe Matt and Perrin will both become tied to the horn and the wheel over this whole thing..... As it is Matt is Aemon, to many things link him to that, and Perrin is probably someone else thats been mentioned from the history somewhere in the books, theres no one that sticks out like sore thumb, but there are a few possibilities.
  14. Was it book 6 or 7 when matt and the band found that group of slaughtered tinkers with the message for rand that wasnt there... *tell the dragon reborn...*
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