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  1. I have no idea why this thread seems to have gotten off-topic (although maybe I am missing something), but the questions seems like it has two components. When you say "Ter'angreal like the A'dam be used in a Stedding" what do you really mean? 1) If you mean that a damane can still channel the one power at the direction of the sul'dam, then no, as the damane will not be able to access saidar. 2) If you mean can the sul'dam still control the damane and make the damane feel things, then possibly yes. The WoT fandom site states: The a'dam creates a link between the two female channeller; the wearer of the collar is completely controlled by the wearer of the bracelet. Latter is not even required to be able to channel on her own, only to have the ability to learn how to channel is enough for controlling the wearer of the collar. So the a'dam creates a link, and the wearer of the bracelet can control the wearer of the collar, so long as they can both channel (spark vs learned ability is irrelevant here). The problem is that is it not expressly stated that the a'dam requires any input from saidar to work in regards to controlling the damane. It is never stated that when the sul'dam wants to punish the damane, the sul'dam forces the damane to channel weaves at herself. This supports the argument that the a'dam would work in a Stedding because the abilities of the a'dam regarding feeling what the damane feels and making her feel things, is not dependent of actively channelling. Having the ability to channel, and being able to reach the source, are two very different things. Mat's necklace would still work in a stedding, the rings of the Bloodknives could be activated and used in a Stedding, and I would assume that a binding rod could be used, if the channeller used a well to channel the power into it. Even Egwene's twisted stone ring would work, as it only needs to be touching the skin of the user to function. In short, there needs to be a differentiation of ter'angreal which are made with the power but do not require active input from it to function, and those which actively require the power to function, such as the Bowl of the Winds. Anyway, this is my first and hopefully not my last post. Let me know what you think.
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