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  1. So I have just started to reread WoT, thanks in part to my excitement about the upcoming tv show, and also from watching youtube channels like Daniel Greene. I spent three hours searching through boxes for them (we have a very small house, with no room for books, so they've been sitting in storage, poor things), and was pleased to see that they're still in good condition, minus a cover sleeve or two. It's been something like 15 years since I've read them, and I haven't gotten too far in yet (barely into the first chapter of EotW), but my first impression is.... Oh my goodness, do I
  2. Ah Pandemonium, you said exactly what I was trying/forgot to say. I agree completely, I hope the equality and balance come through in the show. Nice name btw ?
  3. This scares me too! I was very excited while reading RJ's twitter Q&A. He sounds like he really is a fan of the books, and wants to stay as close to the source material as possible. So I was feeling really good about it...and then I got to the feminist comment. Not only does he call himself a feminist, he wants to put the story in a modern feminist light...and that worries me greatly. Especially since, when asked who his favorite characters are, every single one that he names is a woman (except Logain...which is cool, because I adore Logain). As Asaro says above, WoT already ha
  4. Hmm...there's quite a few characters that I like, but I think I have to say that my favorite was always Rand, and the Asha'man were my favorite group. What can I say, I felt sorry for the boys ? But in all seriousness, the insanity factor always intrigued me, and it was fun watching how Rand went about setting up the Black Tower. Also, thanks for the welcome, everyone!
  5. Hey everyone, Mairoh here! I'm a huge fan of the WoT books, although it's been ages since I've read them. Well over a decade at least. I read them all the way through the 11th book, but sadly haven't had the chance to pick up the last three. I know, I know, go to a bookstore, right? But I live out in the country and the nearest library doesn't have them *sigh*. Anyway, I had turned my interest to other book series, and then to my own series (which is still very much a work in progress). But then I saw a thing on youtube about an upcoming WoT TV series and...well, I about **** my pants. W
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