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  1. Im pretty sure that the one of min viewing Rand and someone else (LTT) becoming one.
  2. i think they also say sometimes "i am known as ..." which could be true too.
  3. well you only need to know your surrounding if you are traveling far. if it is only a short distance away, like somewhere else in a city, then you don't have to.
  4. it should be the next "word of the year" for Meriam Webster, maj.
  5. hmmm... on some of the viewings and prophecies Luckers showed, i always thought that him dieing was him actually dying, but "he who lives" is the essence of him. If Ishamael is righ, then Rand and the DO have been fighting forever. So Rand is just one of these incarnations of the force that fights the DO. That is what i think the "masks" are, the previous incarnations of himself. when he dies, he will go to TAR (possibly? and become all of them. Maybe the "dragon" soul will look like rand, or whoever it's previous incarnation was. maybe before rand was born, it was LTT. and, if there was one before LTT, it was him before LTT was born. Birgite might have looked like what she looked like now the last time she was incarnated, and stories got mixed up to include her description like that in all of them. I am thinking that a person who is tied to the wheel looks like their previous incarnation when they are in TAR. "too live you must die" i always thought was referring to his spirit living, or the "dragon", not Rand himself. To keep coming back in different lives, he must die eventually. His soul will live, but Rand will be gone. hmm... this is all confusing. :P
  6. :P For everyone who doesn't want to read that, it was about Moiraine. 8)
  7. (sigh) lets try this again. :P -we know Min has had one (ONE 1 UNO) "failed" viewing. -we know Min says that Rand would almost certainly fail without the help of a women dead and gone. (was a viewing) -we know that she considers this viewing to be wrong -we know Moiraine is "dead" (or at least is to everyone but Thom and later Mat and Noal) -we know that later she says her only failed viewing was about Moiraine after she saw Caroline Damodred. -we know that Rand says that if Min could be wrong about Moiraine, maybe she could be wrong about likely (we don't know for sure it was death, but it is strongly implied) seeing death around the two little boy's (Com and Doni) in Tear. HE (RAND) SAYS SHE WAS WRONG ABOUT MOIRIANE. Min has only had one "failed" viewing, and Rand says she was wrong about Moiraine. Her one failed viewing was of Moiraine. FACT. So, the viewing about "a women dead and gone", which she considers to be wrong (it is mentioned a couple times insome of her POV's, but i don't have the quotes, and i won't look them up, this is ridiculous) is about Moiraine. :( ok now deny the obvious so i can waste time trying to explain this again.
  8. yeah i guess unless we get min saying "my failed viewing was of moiraine" he/she won't be able to get it.
  9. YES OMIGOSH THE DEATH IS ABOUT COM AND DONI. THATS NOT THE POINT. when it says "but she had been wrong about moiraine" it is implying that he hopes she can be wrong about com and doni's deathas well. Somehow, he (Rand) found out that min had a "failed viewing about someone" and since that was her only "failed" viewing, and rand say's she was wrong about moiraine, SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT MOIRAINE when she said that stuff about a women dead and gone. gosh, how is this so hard to understand? ???
  10. AHEM. From KoD, Within the Stone. IT WAS ABOUT MOIRAINE. END OF STORY.
  11. @Ludmian so your argument is that is is possible to publish a 1500 page book right? well yes, i guess that is possible. But disregarding publishers and bookstores not buying as many because of the size, the thing wouldn't last halfway before starting to fall apart. The books are binded horribly. So even if they could produce it, you have to buy it a few times if you ever wanted to read it again.
  12. do you read them? mine would be pristine to if i didn't read them. the book-bindings are just horrible. pages just fall out sometimes for no reason.
  13. Most of our books are at least missing pages, tEOtW is missing like the first two chapters, so we got a new book, KoD is falling apart in sections, which isn't bad care. CoT is strangely pretty good, just a little wear and tear from use. others are missing the cover. the bindings on these books i have concluded are equivalent to binding a book with a glue stick.
  14. i think Min is never wrong. But there still is some sort of free will in Randland. Rand was talking to someone about the pattern and how much it allowed for free will or decisions, and he said something like "i can choose to live on a farm or in Emond's Field, but i can't choose to become a king" which incidentally is ironic, since he does just that.
  15. yeah pretty much the whole thing isn't what RJ planned once he passed away. thanks for stating the obvious. there is no way it could be as he planned without RJ being here, and he sadly is not. So, yeah that statement really doesn't mean anything. And he might have changed his mind if he wasn't diagnosed with an incurable disease as to if AMoL was to be only one book, and since you didn't have a direct feed into RJ's thoughts, you can't really know what he wanted at the time of his death. Maybe he wanted to try and finish it before he passed away, and he could only do that in one book. Since you apparently have a problem with Brandon splitting the book, you should probably boycott it. Just an idea, if you feel strongly about it. Meanwhile, I'll be reading it when it comes out and enjoying it.
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