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  1. rand cause he is so strong in the power. but thom is amazing with his knifes... as is mat
  2. im not sure exactly what their called, like elfin or aelfin or somthing but in the red door terangreal that mat goes into in ruidan, and mat, rand, and moraine all go into the other one in the stone of tear, in tear they people gave you answers, and in rhuidan it give u stuff... but ya i might ask about it there, im not too woried about spoilers, i already know way more than i should... such as how and around when cleanses the taint on saidin, i think the make half is, i can never remember... but ya. i also gots a theory for the podcasts concerning berelain but i think im way of the mark...
  3. ya hey i new halima was aranger, i didnt know she was balthemel but that makes since now.. thanks, what about the people in the red doorways?
  4. wow guys gosh this topic is supposed to be about me not kissing , barm, i think u called him... or about eating people... its me me me j/k but ya im back, been a crazy week and the rest of it shall b e no better for latin test tommorrow, followed by a biology test maybe like thursday, and a math test thursday. but i may be able to get on sparingly this weekend but i will be with cousins but next week i shall be on and active. but ya studying sucks well anyways can i ask something. it has been bothering me, halima or arangar is a woman right. the halima in salidar, i thinks is halima, channnels the male half, but shes a woman, but is arangar a woman or is it just a he is duisguise? next week i shall be on and active. but ya studying sucks aha yes and question two, i was looking at the snake and fox people on encyclopedia wot and i was wondering, is breaking the rules for those people doing something like bringing in something musical? what is all that about since the only way to with at snakes and foxes or whatever is to cheat and the game/ people are based off each other...
  5. ya well i guess im the new guy now. uh i guess il start with when i got into wot. a friend at my school introduced me to them a couple of months before christmas. i got really into them then and around exams and then over the holidays didnt read much, but ive gotten back into them recently and im on book seven now. a crown of swords. so ya thats all there is to that. i will probably ask a lot of questions cause i tend to do that to my friend at school. as a forewarning though, i will probably be really active for a while, then just suddenly disapear. i dont know but but i just seem to do that. il try to hand on though. well il be seing ya.
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