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  1. Thanks. I think that makes a lot of sense that the whole party left with coin from Tar Valon and Sheinar both. It just seemed strange that it was never mentioned, especially by Rand (who doesn't want to be treated like a nobleman, and might have objected to the "charity money") or Matt (who loves treasure at this point).
  2. In The Great Hunt, when Rand et al are staying in Cairhien, where do they get the money for the inn? Last we heard, he'd gone through the Portal Stones, and he was on an official hunt with the Sheinarans, but they don't say he actually got money from them. Perhaps because he was "second in command", but then why did he not know about that until after leaving Sheinar? When he meets with Thom Merrilin, Thom even says to take the flute in case he needed to pay for his dinner again? I suppose he could be selling off the fancy clothes Moiraine forced on him, but does it ever say specifically how he's paying for the inn? It's bugging me for some reason.
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