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  1. If you read Sabio's first response to my post - hits it on the head. On the advice and info given, I also bought a copy of the "Big White Book" compendium to the WoT. Rigney writes (or dictated) that there were no Ajahs as we came familiar with, during the AoL. They formed as the White Tower was founded as a way to connect (entangle? control?) the female channelers to a central authority figure (AS).
  2. OK. Note to self: Never visit Cape Town. Check. Second note to self: Never spar with Elgee. 😉 My "self restraint" stemmed more from the fact that you could have blindfolded the kid with dental-floss and his lack of muscle control. I'll tell you this, Elgee - after he was arrested and I examined my basement? I found where the little sh*t took a leak down there. Now, as a childless adult, I have never cleaned anyone's urine before. If I had to do it over again? I'd knock the little ba$tard's teeth in on principle!! Or perhaps "out." That way I could string them together and hang them on my back door as a warning to other drugged-out 23 year old punkasses. (I really need to get this rage thing under control, lol!)
  3. Thanks for the approbation, Elgee. When I was younger (as the books were being issued) I was very confused as to Mat's (and Perrin's) "place" in the grand scheme. It wasn't till "The Dragon Reborn" either began to come into their own. (IMHO.) Favorite characters? L - A - N !! Perhaps it is because (as an adult who has gone though too much at times) I am also a "rock" that simply ignores storms and drama. Not much gives me a "rise" anymore as I go through life. Been there. Seen it. Weather isn't climate - you know? I'm also pretty built and keep a raging violence under complete control 24/7. I guess Lan just appealed to my inner rage that I could never allow an "out" sans being arrested or imprisoned. What's odd? I actually had a home invasion about 6 years ago. When the kid came up from my basement he had broken into....I had the opportunity to ...literally? Kill him. He opened the door, I grabbed him immediately by the throat and? He was as limp as a wet noodle. It would have been like stomping on a puppy. I found out later he was high on crushed Xanex. (Sp?) But instantly I knew there would have been no "honor" in me beating him senseless for violating my (and my disabled wife's) home. I did THROW him out the back door (he rolled in the driveway) and called 911. As and addendum? Every cop who came here that day asked me the same question: "Dude. Why isn't he dead on the floor?" I actually had one say: "Had you shot him? I would have reloaded your gun and never taken you in for forensics." BTW? I live in NY. Go figure. I do have a collection of swords though. Perhaps the next time? "Heron Wades in the Bushes?"
  4. Um....You HAVE read the series, yes? If so? I'd recommend a careful reread. If not? Then to it's finale? Sorry for the "spoiler" if the latter.
  5. Thank-you! I had no idea that this compendium existed!! Ordering as soon as I finish typing. (So long as it was Rigney who wrote it, that is.) Sabio, you're the best!
  6. Sabio, I respectfully disagree. This disagreement stems from an interaction between Mesaana and Alviarin. While being castigated for her failures and just before being shown the weave for Traveling, Mesaana said something very close to: "Your petty bickerings rise almost to the levels of the Ajahs." This, to me, strongly implies (if not proves by the use of the past-tense) that the Ajah's - in some form - existed before the Forsaken were sealed in the Bore. You are definitely correct in that the post Last Battle configuration of the Ajahs would need a reevaluation. It is equally interesting to speculate as to whether the Black Tower would absorb the same associations/configuration.
  7. So I just finished a reread of the entire WoT series. Once again I was struck by the sheer genius Rigney imparted to his work. The depth. The richness. The back story... Which is what led me down this line of thought. The ajahs HAD to have changed their "core" functions from the Age of Legends to the Third Age when the books are set. Work with me here. During the AoL, war had ceased to be even a memory. No "taint"; both men and women were members of the seven ajahs. So what were thier roles? Some, I think, remained unaltered. The Brown, for instance. Accumulation and dispensation of knowledge. Research. No real movement. Even without war, questions of politics would have to be addressed. (The Blue.) The Yellow - healing is healing. The White. The pursuit of logic and philosophy never changes although the subject matter may. But the rest? First, let me start with what I think the Red was doing in the AoL. Certainly not hunting channeling men who made up half their membership. Policing/investigating/enforcement is what I deduced. War may have been eliminated as well as hunger. But violence? Cruelty to others? Theft? Hardly. My proof? The existence of "oath rods" and "binding chairs." They would only have been created if a need existed. I do remember a passing reference to the Ogier being used as enforcers in the AoL (Shadow Rising) when Rand was observing his past lives. Perhaps the Red was akin to the difference between street-cops and the FBI today? So that brings me to the Grey. Now, mediation would still be in their wheelhouse. But? I think of "mediation" as JUDGING. Who better to sit in judgement than the "Servants of All" who have the wisdom of six to seven CENTURIES of life to draw from and who can ensure the witnesses tell the truth no matter the obfuscation attempts? So this brings me - baffled - to the Green. The "Battle Ajah." Who, exactly, would they have been preparing to battle in a world without war? Rand/Lews makes reference to Aviendha about the "frivolous" nature of most of the channeling done during the AoL (Memory of Light). All those wonderfully destructive weaves had to be "discovered" for use during the War of Power. (Oooohhhh!! "Fingers of Fire!!!") So, I ask; what was the Green doing during the Age of Legends? There are other aspects I haven't quite fit into my theory either. "Standing Flows." Who maintained those? Which ajah created all the objects of power? Or was this just an individual manifestation such as Elayne's power? I am curious for the community's response. ~ Peace
  8. So it's 1991. I'm all of 18 (17 at the time ?) and had just met and fallen head-over-heels for a wonderful lady named Joyce...who happened to be with someone else. Sigh. My pathetic efforts to steal her away dragged on for a year. No success. What did I get from our relationship, though? She lent me a copy of "The Eye of the World." While reading it I dropped the book, just grabbing the cover and? Tore it almost all the way through. So I went to Waldenbooks (yes, kids. There were these places that SOLD BOOKS in malls!! Really. Grampy isn't lying!) and replaced that one and saw that "The Great Hunt" and "The Dragon Reborn" were available. From there I was hooked for life. I bought hard-cover editions as they came out for the next 20+ years. This is the only author/series/story that has led me to pony-up that kind of money to offset waiting another year for the paperback option. Worth every penny. I proudly display the WoT collection on my bookshelf - placed in honor! So...thank-you Joyce. We never lasted but a never-ending love affair for Mr. Rigney's work was born. I have read and reread these books repeatedly. Again, something I have never done for any other author. I just finished the entire collection from front to back in Feb. Made me think a few new ideas. About the name I chose. "Sheep swallop! Sheep swallop and bloody buttered onions!" Ring a bell? About my avatar - The size limit here is wicked small. All over the rest of the internet I go by "Blackeyedbeaver." (Long story.) So I simply added the avatar I used in other places. OK. Off to post some thoughts!
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